Inspiring, Engaging, & Preparing Our Youth for Tomorrow’s Workforce
Wednesday October 28, 2020

The Career Expo will provide career exploration experiences for approximately 1500 high school students (10th, 11th, 12th graders) and will involve approximately 100 vendors including business and industry representatives and colleges/training facilities. The event is designed to provide interactive experiences required by the ICAP legislated high school graduation requirements.

Expo day will begin with a traditional Choctaw opening ceremony and will include a motivational message from Amberley Snyder, nationally known motivational speaker.  Next, the students will explore and engage with vendors who will provide interactive career-relevant activities and information through 5 Career Sector exhibits which represent careers available within SE Oklahoma.  The event is free to all high school students within SE Oklahoma who pre-register to attend.  Public high school students will register through their high school, and home school students will register individually.

Career Sectors:   Allied Health
Energy, Engineering, & Aerospace
Construction & Architecture
Law Enforcement & Public Safety
Hospitality & Tourism

Why should high school students attend?

  • Hear nationally known motivational spearker Amberly Snyder.
  • Explore multiple career options that are relevant to your interests and available within SE Oklahoma through interactive career exhibits.
  • Meet key ICAP graduation requirements.
  • Meet employers to learn about the career opportunities they offer and how to gain the skills and knowledge required for employment.
  • Meet Technology Center and College representatives who can guide you on how to access needed education and training that leads to your desired career.
  • Learn about Financial Aid opportunities.
  • Be inspired to reach your career goals and dreams.


Vendor Information:

Vendor booth spaces are required to include at least one interactive activity in which students can engage to learn more about the vendor’s specific industry and the career opportunities within that industry.  Vendors will be invited via email by a Career Development program staff member and will pre-register to participate in the career sector which aligns with their industry.  Spaces are limited and are free to all invited vendors.  Information contact:  Rhonda Mize at or 580-931-7624


Vendor Benefits:

  • Technology Centers – The Career Expo will provide opportunities to showcase career programs and recruit future students while supporting sending schools by providing multiple career exploration opportunities, which meet ICAP requirements, within a single setting.  Schools may register to host exhibits within each of the Career Sectors and provide hands-on career-relevant activities through which students can gain information on how to access appropriate training for those careers. Example:  The Construction Trades exhibit provided by KTC-Stigler at the 2018 Career Expo. 
  • Employers/Industry groups – Employers will have a unique opportunity to engage with students who are at the beginning of the career decision-making process and recruit them to their specific industry or business.  Employers can make contacts with local high school leadership in order to begin interactions with the school which can lead to partnerships that positively contribute to the development of a prepared and effective future workforce for local businesses and economy.
  • Colleges & Universities (specific career programs) – Career programs from colleges and universities who participate in the Career Expo gain a prime opportunity to recruit students who are interested in specific educational programs offered by their schools. Representatives will have recruitment access to 1500+ students from across SE Oklahoma as well as opportunities to make contacts with high school counselors and leaders who can promote specific schools to students in subsequent years.


Registration information coming soon


Contact Info: Rhonda Mize - | 580-931-7624