Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

John Hobbs, Executive Director

(580) 924-8280 or (800) 522-6170 The Choctaw Nation Public Safety Department consists of four departments. Tribal Police, Tribal Security, Casino EMS and Dispatch.
The Choctaw Nation Tribal Police covers 10 1/2 counties in southeastern Oklahoma. There are 31 patrol officers to provide law enforcement services on tribally owned, restricted, or allocated lands within the tribal jurisdictional boundaries. There are also 10 officers stationed at the Choctaw Nation Hospital at Talihina to provide safety and security to the patients and staff. All Tribal Police officers must be Oklahoma CLEET certified or have completed the Federal Indian Police Academy.
The Tribal Security department has 352 armed security officers located in 18 gaming facilities to provide safety and security for the customers as well as for the facility staff.
The Casino EMS provides medical assistance to the Durant Casino customers and employees.
The Public Safety Dispatch is responsible for dispatching Police, Security and EMS to calls for service.

(580) 924-8280 or (800) 522-6170
DARE stand for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. A dedicated police officer provides education to schools and communities regarding the importance of staying off drugs.
The program received a grant to purchase a specially equipped Camaro which is a big hit with the students when the officer visits for in-class trainings. The DARE officer participates in other special functions involving youth to promote awareness in the fight against substance abuse. The DARE officer also visits Community Centers, Head Starts and elderly housing programs to offer assistance as a community service.