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Erika Snead earns position in AIIP Summer Enrichment Program


Erika Snead, member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and senior at Southeastern Oklahoma State University studying psychology, has earned a position in the American Indians Into Psychology (AIIP) Summer Enrichment Program at Oklahoma State University. During the six-week program, Snead will be able to experience the application of psychology through hands-on activities and immersion into the field.

“It’s a competitive program,” stated Dr. Charla Hall, professor of Psychology at Southeastern, as she mentioned that Snead was one of only six accepted to the program – the only student from Southeastern.

Hosted in Stillwater, AIIP is meant to enrich the study of psychology through close work with faculty and graduate students in various aspects of the study. Students will also be able to shadow professionals in real-world scenarios as well as gain exposure to various Native cultures. During the program, Snead looks to get the edge she needs for graduate school. She mentioned that being able to see the application of the science from professionals and tips to applying for grad school will sharpen the skills needed to reach her goals.

She looks forward to partnering with a faculty member, learning the research process and application.

Snead is working toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) working in Marriage and Family Counseling. With her study targeted toward Native American populations, she will be in a prime position to assist her tribe. “It is going to be awesome to see and learn my culture,” stated Snead as she spoke of the Native aspects of AIIP.

aiip Upon her return to Southeastern in the fall, Snead will be asked to present her work and findings during the program. As she demonstrates the impact of the program in her education, it will help build awareness of opportunities through AIIP among Southeastern students, according to Dr. Hall.

Information presented by the Choctaw Nation Scholarship Advisement Program.