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Latimer Co. E-911 Dispatch thanks Choctaw Nation for donation

Photo provided by Latimer County News-Tribune
New E911 Supervisor Craig Johnson, (left) receives a check for $5,000 from Choctaw Nation Councilman Joe Coley. Former 911 Supervisor David Nix applied for the grant from the tribe. Following, is a letter written by Mr. Johnson to the Choctaw Nation.

To the good people of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma,

I am the supervisor for Latimer County E-911 dispatch center. On Friday, Aug. 16, 2013, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma District 6 Tribal Council member, Joe Coley, came to our dispatch office in Wilburton and presented us with a donation of $5000.00.

On behalf of our Latimer County E-911, I want to thank Joe Coley and the entire Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma for their generous donation to our agency, and all you do for Latimer County.

As Latimer County’s only public safety access point, we deal with Choctaw Tribal Police almost every day of the year. During my years of dispatching, I can truly say that every Tribal PD officer I have had contact with, including the Tribal PD dispatchers and the Choctaw Nation Indian Hospital security staff, have been very helpful and cooperative with our law enforcement coordination needs.

Your contribution to our E-911 dispatch center comes at a time of great financial need. Currently, the E-911 fees for telephone landlines are greater than those same fees for cell phones. As more and more people switch from landlines to cell phones the fees that our agency receives go down. Plus, everything we use to run our agency keeps going up in cost. So, the donation from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma will help us a lot. Also, it was my first time to meet Joe Coley and I enjoyed visiting with him.

Thank you again for all you do for Latimer County and for us here at the E-911 dispatch.

Craig Johnson
Latimer County E-911