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Coalgate Choctaw Nation Day Care taps cultural roots

Sensory_Table_web Choctaw Nation Day Care of Coalgate held a parent’s appreciation day on Friday, Sept. 27. The annual event took place early in the evening and held the theme of “Choctaw Proud.”

“This year we wanted a cultural theme because we are grateful to be a part of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma,” said Dianne Oxley, director of the day care. This was a different direction from former themes, which consisted of luau, rodeo and carnival.

The cultural emphasis was well received by students and parents alike. Brenda McCartney, a guest of the night, enjoyed watching tribal archaeologist Ian Thompson as he demonstrated traditional pottery for the community. “I always loved art, so I was very interested,” McCartney mentioned.

Cultural activities such as pottery, basket weaving and traditional dance filled the main room of the facility, and a walkthrough mini-museum occupied the back room. Guests were able to witness the Four-Step War Dance and take part in the Snake Dance. The night was also complete with Indian tacos.

The museum held several educational booths ready to educate student and parents on Choctaw roots. Language lessons, Choctaw Code Talker exhibits, a timeline of Choctaw chiefs, animal pelts, princess regalia, a sensory table and even a small model “chukka,” a Choctaw house, lined the path through the museum.

The museum was made possible through a combined effort from the staff and parents, stated Oxley. Some items were donated to the day care from parents for the educational experience and the staff took great care in compiling all the information and displaying it in a fun way, she continued.

Snake_Dance_web Guests enjoy witnessing and participating in the Snake Dance.