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Team Tvshka Homma gathers for a picture.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma stickball team wins first place trophy

Team Tvshka Homma, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s official stickball team, captured the first place trophy at the First Annual Chikasha Stickball Tournament on May 19. The tournament was hosted by the Chickasaw Nation at their ceremonial grounds in Kullihoma, OK. Team Tvshka Homma (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma), team Okla Hannali (community Choctaw team), and team Chikasha To’li (Chickasaw Nation) competed.

Jeremy Wallace, Chikasha Kaputcha To’li’ Coach, presented the trophy to Josh Riley, representative of team Tvshka Homma, at the Jim Thorpe Native Games on Sunday, June 10. Teams Okla Hannali and Chikasha To’li took second and third places respectively. Selected members from all teams participated in the Jim Thorpe Native Games in Oklahoma City on June 15 and 16.

Choctaw stickball was recently featured as integral part of Choctaw Days at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC on June 21 and 22. Several members of team Tvshka Homma, as well as other Choctaw tribal members, participated in exhibition games at the Reflecting Pool on the National Capitol grounds to demonstrate the basics of play and educate about the long-standing tradition of stickball. Team Tvshka Homma’s next competitive game will be held at the World Series of Stickball hosted by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians in Philadelphia, MS on July 7.

To learn more about stickball, visit the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Cultural Services Division website at .