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Tvshka Homma
Runner Up
Third Place
Okla Hannali


Chris Valliere finished first among the men with a time of 19:56.
Ana Hollan came in first among women with a time of 23:00.
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Art Show

1st Place: Karen Clarkson, “Last Gift”
2nd Place: Dylan Cavin, “Summer Scissortail”
3rd Place: John Compelube, “Stirring the Pot”
HM: Gwen Coleman Lester, “Lighthorseman”

1st Place: Paul King, “At Peace”
2nd Place: Sandy Sliger , “Beaver’s Bend”
3rd Place: Jane Semple Umstead, “The Snapping Turtle”
HM: None in this category

1st Place: Stephanie Rose, “The Little Chahta News Bird”
2nd Place: Cecil Henderson, “Ruffed Grouse”
3rd Place: Lyman Choate , “She Speaks to the Animals”
HM: None in this category

1st Place: Dan Bernier, “Old Bowl or New Home”
2nd Place: Marsha Hedrick, “Frog Bottle”
3rd Place: Edmond Perkins Jr., Quawpaw Warrior Effigy Vase”
HM: Vangie Robinson, Choctaw Pony

1st Place: Susan Locke Charlesworth, Native Weave by Native Hands
2nd Place: Susan Locke Charlesworth, Continuous Weave Field Basket
3rd Place: Lizabeth B. Mitchell, Frog Mouth Basket
HM: none in this category

1st Place: Michael Rose, “Ball Players Medicine”
2nd Place: Laura B. Pickens, “Dogwood Arrow”
3rd Place: Ryan spring,” Traditional Stickball, buckeye core”
HM: None in this category

1st Place: Theresa Renegar, “Corn Dreams”
2nd Place: Bob Proctor, “Broken Promises”
3rd Place: Bob Procotor, “The Dancer”
HM: Chester Cowen, “Where is Tobias?”

Heritage Awards
Gwen Coleman Lester, “Alikchi”
Stephanie Rose, “Kapucha , Towa”
Kevin Hardin, “The Artist and Her Two Paintings”

Best of Show:
Karen Clarkson, “Ancient Symbols 1&2”

People’s Choice:
Sandy Sliger, “Tear Drop”


Co-ed age 9-11
1st place: Skillz - Shadie Crase, Lindsay Waits, Ryan Huett, Logan Maxey, Jaxon Dorsey

Co-ed age 12-14
1st place: Outsiders - Stormy Taylor, Chris Trusty, Ivan Baker, Shantel Smith, Nana Jo Smith
2nd place: Albino Indians - Jeffery Morris, Jordan Morris, Jordan Terry, Ethan Billings, Braden Dorsey
3rd place: Dem Brown Kids - Mahala Battiest, Loren Crosby, Kyle Passmore, Ashton Willis, C.J. Briley

Co-ed age 15-18
1st place: Like Mike - Bailey Scarberry, Oscar Rivera, Ryan Scales, Junior Griffin, Dorian Threadgill, Delvin Johnson
2nd place: Silo Rebels- Lauren Billie, Tanner Clark, Shane Tisdale, Kendall Shives, Bryce Brister
3rd place: Dallas Pressure- Natalie Buck, Kamery Walker, Darius Kelly, NaQuan Hopkins, Matthew Hilinski, Coach Jason Samuels

Women’s All Star
1st place: War Party - Sharon Forte, Natasha Rouse, Kayla Davis
2nd place: Lucky #7’s- Mandy Holman, Tammye Gwin, Sara Willie, Kelli Shawn

Men’s age 18-35
1st place: Running Skins - Chris Valliere, Kirk Taylor, Randall Clay, Caleb Taylor, Karahjon Hurd
2nd place: Twerk Team - Justin Richards, Darius “Melo” Peace, Kendell Willis, T.J. Broades
3rd place: Dub C Finest - Kyle Baker (not pictured), Clint Baker, Colton Converse, Bobby Baker “Delicious”

Men’s age 35 and over
1st place: Jumbo - Naco Hopkins, Brent Shaw, Michael Clay, Derek
2nd place: Show Birds - Kevin Gwin, Morris Steve, Nate Cox, Curtis Steve
3rd place: Wheat Bread - Dewayne Hornbuckle, Rock Lebeau, Scott Greggory, Steve Battiest

Free Throw age 6-9
1st: Cale Clay
2nd: Cason Taylor
3rd: Ashia Jordan

Free Throw age 10-12
1st:Jocelyn Smith
2nd: Logan Hewitt
3rd: Calesa Murdock

Free Throw age 13-15
1st: Keeli Tsosie
2nd: Daniel Boswell
3rd: Jordan Scott

Free Throw age 16-18
1st: Alethia McKinney
2nd: Derek Epperoy
3rd: Tiffany Gantt

Women’s Three-Point Contest
1st: Dayna Dick
2nd: Misty Madbull

Men’s Three-Point Contest
1st: Allen Clay
2nd: Rock Johnson

Board Games

1st: Jasen Baker
2nd: Johnny Parson

1st: Sylvester Moore
2nd: Roland Wade

Bow Shoot

5 and Under
1st: Wyatt Kinslow
2nd: Riggin Waugh
3rd: Olivia Ellis

Ages 6-8
1st: Wil Helmsmoore
2nd: Tristen Ross
3rd: Trey Wilson

Ages 9-13
1st: Chase Zink
2nd: Sarah Haven
3rd: Madi McDonald.

Ages 14-16
1st: Sam Jacob
2nd: Robert Breshears
3rd: Chasey Bohanan

Ages 17-19
1st: Geffery Diaz

Women’s 20 and over
1st: Christina Waugh
2nd: Rhonda Reiman
3rd: Jennifer Dickson

Men’s 20 and over
1st: Lee Ellis
2nd: Brad Hooker
3rd: David Edwards


1st: Gregg Moon, Cyrus Ben, Jon Lowder and Jason Grisham.
2nd: Burt Perry, Kevin Davis, Mandy Jo and Brad Clay.
3rd: Sherry Perry, Councilman Ron Perry, Gregg Robinson and not pictured, Councilman Tony Messenger

Congratulations, Councilman Perry, on your hole-in-one!


Youth Singles
1st: Tyler Walker
2nd: Tyler Leao
3rd: Jaiden Smith

Youth Ringer
Tyler Walker

Women’s Singles
1st:Kisha Bohanan
2nd:Stephanie Bohanan
3rd:Sue Tait

Women’s Double
1st: Stephanie Bohanan and Tiffany Bohanan.
2nd: Wanda Morris and Sue Tait.
3rd: Ruby Long and Sherri Miller.

Women’s Ringer
Wanda Morris

Men’s Singles
1st: Bunky Impson
2nd: Danny Adams
3rd: David Knox

Men’s Doubles
1st: David Davis and Phillip Morris
2nd: Danny Adams and Bunky Impson
3rd: Charles Hilton and Michael Bedford.

Men’s Ringer
Nicky Slabaugh


Hand Stitch
1st: Sandra Stevens
2nd: Lois Thomas
3rd: Jan West

Machine Stitch
1st: Rebecca Mizell
2nd: Wanda Leet “Christian Cross”
3rd: Wanda Leet “Fall Leaves”

Hand/Machine Combo Stitch
1st: Rose Harris
2nd: Charlene Benge
3rd: Ruth McCoy

People’s Choice Award
Lois Thomas “Giant Dahlia”


Men’s First Place
Kansas Indians

Women’s First Place
Chitto Harjo

Terrapin Races

Ages 3-7
1st: Snoweagle Rasha
2nd: James Wortham
3rd: Jackson Pollard.

Ages 8-12
1st: Draven Postoak
2nd: Jordan Nolin
3rd: Braxton Lemmons Martin.

Best Dressed
McKenzee Petty


This year’s Tough-Tough champion is Chris Hawk who finished the four-event course in 1:44. Joshua Hensley finished in second place with a time of 2:18. Jerry and Leslie Flanagan, parents of the late Chris Flanagan, were presented with the Fighting Heart Award. Flanagan, who was a regular participant in the Tough-Tough event, passed away last year.


Diggers: Lori Hamilton, Devon Frazier, Joe Thomas, Sean Gentry, Josh Carney, Marrisa McIntosh and Mitzi Doster
Runner Up
The Crew: Mike Scott, Felicia Scott, Thomas Hardy, Sarah Trusty, Taloa Camp, Joe Anderson, Kelley Braudrick, Amber Anderson and Rayburn Baker.