Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Photography/history book on Choctaws

Choctaw people to be featured in book set for publication next year

From the desk of Chief Gregory E. Pyle

March 2011

The Choctaw Nation is working on a beautiful book of photographs and compilation of history that is planned for publication next year. Renowned photographer David Fitzgerald and his photography assistant, Rainette Rowland (who is a Choctaw tribal member), have been traveling all over Oklahoma to capture images of our citizens for this wonderful hardback tome. It is very exciting to use current photographs as illustration to the rest of the world what Choctaw Nation is like. Combined with information about our heritage, I think this book will be an excellent archive of present and past that we will share with many generations to come.

In reviewing the list of people David and Rainette have found to photograph, I am amazed at the wide scope of Choctaws that are represented so far. There are many wonderful elders who have taught us so much of the important lessons we live by today. It was nice to see about a half-dozen names that are Choctaws representing us at the Oklahoma State Capitol this year as Representatives and Senators. Portraits of men and women of faith include pastors of country churches and a Bishop in Oklahoma City. Cultural leaders, artists, soldiers and veterans are just a sampling of what this collection will offer.

Please welcome this photography team to your community and your home as they continue their travels through the Choctaw Nation, capturing images on their cameras.