Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Making investments in our people

From the desk of Chief Gregory E. Pyle

March 2013

The Choctaw Nation continues to grow with pride, hope and success. The most important growth is shown by the investment we are making in our #1 resource - our people.

We want to continue to create employment opportunities for as many tribal members as possible. Some of these opportunities are through business development and expansions at Choctaw Nation, and some opportunities are career growths made possible through education and vocational training programs.

The many education services offered by the Choctaw Nation provide citizens of the tribe with tools for success.

Head Start classes, higher education scholarships, and career development certifications are just a few of the ways we are investing in the future of tribal citizens.

Heritage and culture of the Choctaw Nation are of optimal importance. With the help of the School of Choctaw Language, we are making sure tribal staff are all learning some basic words in our Native tongue. On a regular basis, the school issues a “word of the day” with an audio link so we can hear the word or phrase as well as see the written word. Choctaw words are available on!

The next time you call into the headquarters or visit one of our offices, expect to be greeted with “Halito!”

Pride in heritage is obvious when I see several generations teaching each other the art of basket weaving, pottery and beadwork. A recent public cultural awareness meeting had rapt attention for storytelling and Choctaw dance. Stickball games have had a tremendous comeback in recent years. People are participating in events at cultural meetings in record numbers, wearing their traditional dress. I am thankful to see people of all ages proudly proclaiming their Choctaw heritage!

Our Nation now is over 200,000 Choctaws strong, and our future looks bright! Chahta Sia Hoke!