Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Every day is opportunity to educate

From the desk of Chief Gregory E. Pyle

November 2013

The Choctaw Nation is blessed by the legacy of our ancestors. Interest in our language and culture is thriving today.

We’re thankful to be able to share our story in many different ways. The Internet is a great resource. The Choctaw Nation website links thousands to our history, our services, and our progress. With Facebook and Twitter, we are able to “follow” each other. Anyone…anywhere can now learn about the Choctaw Nation.

The Biskinik is mailed to homes around the world. It has served as a connection between tribal members for decades. Archives of the last 11 years can be found online at Many of its articles are reprinted in other publications and the staff are familiar faces as they snap photos to commemorate our events.

Choctaw is being taught as a “world language” in public schools across Choctaw Nation and as an accredited course in some local colleges. On a recent visit to the School of Choctaw Language in Durant, I enjoyed video-conferencing with students miles away in a classroom as they watched class on the Internet. It was fun to talk and wave to the kids through the camera.

As I walk to my office in the complex, I can hear exchanges of “Halito! Chim achukma?” and “Vm achukma, hoke! Chishnato?” Our first speakers are dwindling and I am grateful for the instructors we have and the increased number of classes in our communities.

Every day offers an opportunity to educate others about the Choctaw Nation. Experts share our culture year-round through classes and exhibitions on weaving baskets, making pottery, moccasins, beadwork, dancing and stickball.

Many artists and historians have also joined the Choctaw Nation to help promote the culture of our great tribe.

It’s easy to see why the Choctaw Nation is “growing with pride, hope and success!” It’s all because of our great tribal members and staff! Thanks to all of you.

May God’s blessings be with you and your family this upcoming holiday season.