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Congressional Legislation has positive effect on Jones Academy

From the desk of Chief Gregory E. Pyle

January 2012

It is great to share the news that Jones Academy has been included in U.S. legislation that has restored the school’s eligibility for additional funding through the Bureau of Indian Education.

In 1953, during a period of Tribal termination, many Native American schools, including Jones Academy, were removed from the Bureau of Indian Education school system. This legislation allows Jones Academy to once again be a part of the Bureau of Indian Education system and be reinstated to receive the support of additional federal funding this designation affords.

Thanks to Oklahoma’s 2nd District Congressman Dan Boren, the sponsor of the groundbreaking legislation to reinstate Jones Academy to the BIA funding eligibility, our students will continue to receive a complete academic education in a culturally rich setting.

We are blessed to have a tremendous staff at Jones Academy who are devoted to giving the students the best possible care. The additional funding will be available an the next school year, and enable an even higher level of success.

Jones Academy has been in important part of the Choctaw Nation since 1891 – first established as a male academy, it now serves as a residence and school for up to 200 students each year from about 29 tribes across the United States.

It was wonderful to hear Congressman Boren say that restoring Jones Academy to the BIA was a priority of his. Providing a successful future for the youth is certainly a priority of ours!