Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Growth in tribe leads to economic success

From the desk of Assistant Chief Gary Batton

March 2013

Commerce development projects are vital to the Choctaw Nation for many reasons. Businesses provide jobs, and also provide revenue to fund services for citizens. Successful economic development ventures of the Choctaw Nation, such as the gaming operations, travel plazas, print services, manufacturing, global staffing contract services and shopping center, also provide revenue that helps construct new facilities.

Growth you will see in the near future includes several new wellness centers in districts across the tribal boundaries, to help with the goal of a healthier lifestyle for our citizens.

Plans are also on tap for additional Independent Elderly Homes to alleviate the need to housing for our senior citizens. They are living longer, healthier lives, and we want them to be in an affordable, nice home they can enjoy.

The Choctaw Nation leadership is working hard to ensure continuation of services to Choctaw people regardless of the federal sequestration. Being self-reliant through business revenue is vital to continue meeting the needs of citizens of the Choctaw Nation.

The leaders of our tribe take honor in being fiscally responsible for this generation and generations to come. We have an ongoing hope that our tribe will continue to grow and prosper. We are growing with pride, hope and success!