Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Employee commitment a valuable resource

From the Desk of Assistant Chief Gary Batton

January 2014

As the New Year begins, I think of how blessed we are as a Nation. The tribe continues to prosper and we give back in many ways. It’s most evident to others during the holiday months of November and December, yet the Choctaw Nation is a giving tribe all year long. The tribe and countless individuals step up to the plate to make people’s lives a little better.

Each year an employee is recognized for going “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.” I am amazed when I hear the stories of all who are nominated by their peers. This year’s ABCD recipient, Gena Fowler, is a career counselor for the Career Development department. She has selflessly contributed to the success of many of her clients and is a devoted friend to co-workers. Acts that may seem small to Gena have made a world of difference to others.

Nothing says it better than this quote from the person who nominated Gena – “In the Choctaw Nation, we fight to ensure our members can hold on to their heritage while building successful sustaining careers. This is difficult for many members because they lack the support of family and friends. Gena has stepped up to become that support system.” Congratulations, Gena, and thank you for your dedication.

The Choctaw Nation is fortunate to have such committed employees and one of our primary goals is to expand its businesses to ensure we can continue to provide jobs and opportunities for tribal members. Economic growth produces a reverberating impact throughout our communities and can add hope and security. Our families will have a greater likelihood of staying intact.

The backbone of the Choctaw Nation is the family unit and we need to never forget our culture. We need to balance our growth in the ever-changing world while remaining true to who we are as tribal members. We cannot forget those who have paved the way for us. I like the wisdom of the old saying, “You must look at the past before you can look to the future.” The New Year holds promise. My family and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2014.