Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Willie Mike Jones

  Submitted by: The Jones Family, Mildred Jones Davis, Mike David Jones,

  Lucille Jones Timmons, and Viola Jones Chamberlain.

  Willie Mike Jones was born at Keota, Indian Territory on 01-18-1903 to

  Mike and Emma Jones. His father was born in 1877 and died 12-03-1917. His

  mother was Emma (Nail) Jones. She was born in 1879 and died 09-01-1916.

  Our father had two sisters: Lillian (Jones) Walkabout, born 01-15-1912 and

  died 02-19-1985 at Keota, Oklahoma. Adeline (Jones) Gage was born

  01-31-1908 and died in April 1967 in Stigler, Oklahoma. There was one half

  brother, Lewis Cass, born 08-04-1900 and died 06-0801982 at Keota,

  Oklahoma, and he was an original enrollee. Lewis also attended school at

  Jones Academy. My dad married Rebecca E. Cooper, from the Mississippi

  Reservation. They married at Stigler, Oklahoma on 12-23-1924. There are

  four children living and two are dead. They are: Mildred (Jones) Davis

  born 11-03-1930; Mike David Jones, born 07-23-1937; Lucille (Jones)

  Timmons, born 02-04-1935 and Viola (Jones) Chamberlain, born 01-12-1950.

  There are 14 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren, and 5 great great

  grandchildren. Our dad, Willie Jones, loved to go to church and he loved

  to sing Choctaw songs. He hardly ever missed a Sunday during his life

  unless he was sick or could not go. He loved to sing gospel songs and

  sometimes sang with “Gospel 4” from Talihina. He would travel a long way

  to hear, listen, and sing. We have a tape of him singing gospel songs. He

  worked in the cola mines and he was a good husband to our mother and he

  was a good father to us. Also, he was a good grandfather to our children.

  He would give the shirt off of his back to help anyone and he would do

  anything for his church and the Indian people, also the white people, too.

  Our dad was a great dad and we miss him and our mother very much and they

  don’t make parents like they did our parents. This is in loving memory of

  our dad, Willie Mike Jones.



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