Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Joe W. Everidge
Submitted by: Wilbor O. Wilson

Joe W. Everidge was born 06-03-1853 in Kiamichi, Indian Territory, to Hon. Joel Everidge and Sophia C.A. (Folsom) Everidge. Joel Everidge was Supreme Judge of the Choctaw Nation.

Joe engaged in business for himself and was soon appointed Captain of the National Light Horse. He was elected Sheriff of Kiamichi County and later became a member of the Indian Police force. In 1884, he was elected as a member of the House of Representatives and in 1885, he was appointed a member of the Senate for Governor Edward McCurtain. In the same year, he was appointed District Collector for the third district and reappointed in 1886.

He farmed several hundred acres of land plus owning a great many head of cattle. He was tall and powerfully built, with a fair complexion. He descended for the Hyah-pah-tuk-kalo clan and was about one-eighth Choctaw.

In 1871, he married Miss Susan Ervin, daughter of Calvin Ervin of Doaksville. Susan was born 06-10-1857 at Doaksville, Towson, Indian Territory, to Calvin David Ervin and Sally (Gibson) Ervin. They had 10 children, but some died early in age. The children were:

Thomas William, born 12-18-1873, at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory. His wife’s name was Minnie. He died 07-06-1939 and was buried at Everidge Cemetery, Frogville, Indian Territory;

Emma was born 08-21-1875, at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory. She married Edward Hayes Wilson 04-05-1893 at Kiamitia, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. Emma died 01-02-1958 at Talihina, Oklahoma and was buried at Fort Towson, Oklahoma.

Joseph H. Everidge was born 04-26-1877, at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory, and died 10-13-1918. His spouse was Mabel Oaks.

Susan Florance Ella was born 05-12-1879 at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory. She married Paul C. Harris. She died 09-16-1972 at Farmington, N.M. and was buried at Antlers, Oklahoma.

James Stanley was born 01-18-1881 at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory. He died 02-01-1899 before the rolls were recorded.

Robert E. Lee was born 05-25-1883 at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory. He died 02-01-1899 which show that he and James died at the same time.

Eddie was born 10-16-1885 at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory and died 05-11-1888 so he was about 7 months old when he died.

Frankie was born 12-31-1887 at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory and died 01-08-1888 which made him approximately a week old when he died.

Josie Maye was born in 1889 at Frogville, Kiamitia, Indian Territory and married Floyd K. Irvin. No other dates available.

Governor Jones was born 02-20-1891, and married Grace Carter. He died 03-20-1946 at Window Rock, Arizona.



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