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Ben Hampton was Choctaw Code Talker
BISHINIK March 2000

A 1979 issue of the Durant Daily Democrat newspaper reported of a visit by Ben Hampton to the city of Durant o n August 16, 1939. The article reads as follows:
An interesting Durant visitor Wednesday was Benjamin W. Hampton, Choctaw World War I veteran who lives in Bennington. Ben’s part in the U.S. battle plan was unique but nonetheless important. High Allied officials had learned that Germans were tapping their communications lines, decoding messages, and using the information to good advantage. There’s where Ben and some of his fellow Choctaws came in. They’d speak o nly Choctaw over the wire, and then interpret to officers at either end. After the war it was definitely established that the Choctaw lingo defied all efforts of German code experts, which isn’t surprising if you’ve ever heard it spoken.