Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Richadeen York

Born: n/a

Died: 4/10/2003

Maiden Name: Brown

Honorific: n/a

Richadeen York passed away on April 10, 2003 in Green Valley, Arizona. She was a decendent of the 1907 Choctaw enrollees Eliza Jane Jennings York, her mother; James C. Jennings, her grandfather, and Richard P. Jennings, her great-grandfather. She was proud of her Choctaw heritage.

Richadeen York, formerly Brown, took leave from her successful nursing profession and retired to Byng, a thriving community north of Ada, Oklahoma, to be with her aging mother, after the death of her mother, after the death of her father, Walter Daniel York, the oldest of historic pioneers Rev. Williams Daniel York and Rev. Dorthulia Fagan York.

The elder York’s family of musicians and singers set the place for Richadeen, her brother, Thurnace, and her father, Walter, who continued to share their musical talents in Oklahoma churches and community gatherings. Friends always loved to hear Deen’s” angelic soprano voice. Her face would seem to light up as she would sing “Amazing Grace” and other old hymns. Last fall Thurnace made a special visit to Deen’s home to sing and remember while she was in better health. In April on learning of her stroke he flew from Danville , Virginia to sit by her side in the hospital.