Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Cyrus Dewey Ward

Born: 1898

Died: 5/29/1977

Maiden Name: n/a

Honorific: n/a

Cyrus Dewey Ward, roll number 7859, passed away May 29, 1977.

He was the grandson of Eliza LeFlore Ward.

Eliza was a descendant of the LeFlore family which was prominent in tribal affairs. In 1833 Eliza was in a Choctaw wagon train moving from Mississippi to Indian Territory. They camped on the Mississippi river bank when the stars fell. The Choctaws considered this a direct warning that they were not to change their residence and the entire party turned back to their original home. Several months later they again set out for the west and located at Skullyville where Eliza lived to be 107 years old. A January 10, 1928 paper with a Spiro dateline reads: "Mrs. Eliza LeFlore Ward, 107 years old, and perhaps the oldest person in Oklahoma, a full blood Choctaw and a descendant of a Mississippi tribe of Indians, died Saturday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Quent Bowan, in Spiro. "Funeral services were conducted at 11:30 o’clock Monday morning with Rev.. J. Jackson, Choctaw ministers, conducting the ceremonies, which were given in the Choctaw language. Only the songs were in English. Burial was at Skullyville in the family burying ground. Her oldest living is R.J. Ward of Palestine, Texas who is 77. Two older children are dead. Her youngest child is Mrs. John Rogers of Hugo who is 59. The other children are Mrs. Quent Bowan of Spiro and a son J.D. Ward of Spiro.

Cyrus Dewey Ward, Eliza’s grandson, was born in Milton, Indian Territory in 1898. He attended Jones Academy. He married Alta Horn who lives in Norwalk, California now but was born near Cameron in Indian Territory. Cyrus and Alta have a son, Wayne Ward, also living in Norwalk, California.