Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Georgia Delilah Luce

Born: 11/12/1931

Died: 7/29/2002

Maiden Name: Luce

Honorific: n/a

Georgia Delilah Luce passed away July 29, 2002. She was born November 12, 1931 in Durant, Oklahoma, the daughter of Richard Lawrence Luce of Texas and Vera Fay Hill of Oklahoma and the sister of Bess Zoe Brough.

Georgia traced her Choctaw ancestry through her great-great-grandmother, Nancy Black, who walked on the Trail of Tears with her husband, Buckholt Null. On that long walk, she gave birth to a daughter while crossing the Pearl River and so named her daughter, Pearl. Pearl married Jesse Human and their daughter, Zoe married Grandvill Ghoul Hill. Zoe and Grandville’s daughter was named Vera Fay Hill. Vera Hill was an original enrollee and the mother of Georgia Delilah Luce.

Georgia was a horticulturist and everyone seeing her glorious garden felt surely she should charge an admission. Her garden is a botanical paradise and a wonder to behold. Luckily, she was also an avid photographer so her wondrous garden is documented for all time.

Survivors include her daughter, Cathy, Sandra, Nancy and Zoe, and her sons, Rodger and Richard. She was very proud of her 14 grandchildren, Michael, Timothy, Jasmine, Amber, Autum, Jack, Dylan, Roger, Rachel, Ritchie, Carl, Jamie, Jessica and Brad, and also her great-grandsons, Gregory and Louis.

She was first and foremost a mother and loved her children dearly.