Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

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Leslie James

Born: n/a

Died: 6/19/2006

Maiden Name: n/a

Honorific: n/a

Former Choctaw Councilman Leslie Allen James, 84, of Talihina, Oklahoma, passed away June 19, 2006, at Tulsa Regional Hospital.

Leslie was a very prominent figure in the Choctaw Nation and it saddens me to hear of his passing, said Chief Gregory E. Pyle. His work with the tribe and within his community leaves a lasting legacy.

Leslie grew up in a Choctaw home and community. He spoke the Choctaw language fluently as this was his first language. Leslie was one who went quietly about daily doing things for people. Many times only the person that he was helping knew.

Leslie served on the Choctaw Tribal Council under the old constitution from 1981 through 1983. Re-elected, he served under the new constitution 1987 through 1999. He worked closely with government agencies and with high government officials. He was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. During World War II, Leslie served in the infantry on the front lines in Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. General George Patton personally pinned the Silver Star on Leslie in the field after the Battle of the Bulge. As a civilian, Leslie continued to fight for veterans and their families for entitled benefits. Leslie was Service Officer for both American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars; that was Leslie’s philosophy - to be of service to his fellow man.

Leslie served on the LeFlore County Draft Board until Congress abolished the board. The Oklahoma Governor appointed Leslie to three state advisory boards.

Leslie James