Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

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  • Joshanna Leeann Brooks Please help me from Joshanna Leeann Brooks on January 25, 2012

    I am looking for information about my father, Stephen Dale Brooks, he died 8\28\98 and was born 5\23\52. I found his death certificate by using my birth certificate. I know he has passed, but I want to know who he was and if I have any relatives. I was told…

  • George Walters Looking for info on Rowena Hewitt b. about 1886 from George Walters. 3 comments, most recently from George Walters on January 25, 2012

    My wife is the granddaughter of Rowena Hewitt, b. 15 Jan 1886 in Arkansas, I think in Russelville. Rowena m. William Burl Nicholson about 1914, probably in Smith or Wood County, TX. Rowena was either 1/2 or 1/4 Choctaw. She came to Texas from Oklahoma, perhaps in a covered wagon….

  • Cristy Duke Mays Berry Francis Duke & Exie Beatrice (Blackwell) Duke from Cristy Duke Mays. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 25, 2012

    Looking for information on Berry Francis Duke. I was told he came to Oklahoma from Mississippi and was 1/2 Choctaw. He married Exie Beatrice (Blackwell) Duke Pierce. Together they birthed my grandfather Manchel Lee (M.L.) Duke, who was born in Sherman, Mississippi. M.L. Duke married Ann Lea (McCollum) Duke. They…

  • Shelly (Harris) Davis Want to know more family - blood line: Moore, Folsom, Quaid, Long, Smith, Amos, Staggs, Harris.... from Shelly (Harris) Davis. 5 comments, most recently from Cristy Duke Mays on January 24, 2012

    Anyone out there??? My mother did a fantastic Christmas gift to me and my siblings…GENEALOGY report. It’s awesome!!! My GGGGGGGrandfather John Moore (Silas Ebenezer Moore’s father) born and raised in MS – full blood Choctaw Indian. GGGGGGGrandmother Nancy (Folsom) Moore (Silas Ebenezer Moore’s mother) born full blood Choctaw, died in…

  • JToneck Sidney White from JToneck on January 24, 2012

    Sidney White was my great grandmother’s (Cora Winlock Lance) half brother. Are there any relatives of Sidney White out there?

  • Amber Looking for Choctaw Cross Ancestors from Amber. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 23, 2012

    I just recently found information regarding my maternal grandmother’s family. I believe we may be Choctaw. I have found a George W. Cross on the Dawes roll and I believe he may be the brother of my ancestor. How can I find out who George W. Cross’s parents are to…

  • Vicki Hail Genealogy from Vicki. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 22, 2012

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has information on Thomas Codger Hail, He was Choctaw Indian, and I know that he had a brother Elijah P Hail that is listed on the Choctaw Dawes Rolls, how ever I cannot find Thomas Codger Hail on it, Thomas is my great grandfather, he was…

  • Krystal Mattsen Dycus Willie Lee Dycus from Krystal Mattsen Dycus. 6 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 19, 2012

    Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if any one has any information on my great grandmother Willie Lee Dycus. I was told that she was a full blood Choctaw Indian but what i don’t know is if she was ever registered. All guesses lead me to believe that if she was…

  • Jessica Dawn Love Moore Family Legends from Jessica Dawn Love Moore. 3 comments, most recently from john Stidham on January 19, 2012

    Hello all I was hoping someone could help me find out if the family legends were true. My mother told me that one of my great grandfathers went to court to fight for land and that we have many other greats in our family line. Here is all I know…

  • BikerGeek Frederick Houston Sampson from BikerGeek. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 18, 2012

    Checking to see if anyone had any information on this person and his family, They lived in the Choctaw Nations in the early 1900’s. He was married to a Mary Hassie Gober

  • Greg Lozaga Family (Calloway) Genealogy from Greg Lozaga on January 18, 2012

    Just tossing this out to see if anyone knows or has any family ties or knows of any connections. My grandma was 100% Choctaw. He maiden name was Ida Mae Calloway (b. 1906); her married name was Stanley. Her husband (Delbert ‘Deb’ Stanley) immigrated from western Europe. They lived in…

  • nicholas hogan gertrude s walker my great grandmother from nicholas hogan. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 17, 2012

    i found another post about her but it doesnt say much gertrude s walker i was told was a choctaw princess she was born in 1883 she married james R hogan in 1931 kansas city missouri (i found their marriage license) they had 3 children james robert hogan the 2nd…

  • dudeman great grand mother on dawes rolls? from dudeman. 6 comments, most recently from nicholas hogan on January 17, 2012

    hello all, hope ur well. i am researching my family history. i was told my great grand mother was a full blood choctaw princess, yet i find her on the list of the final dawes rolls of 1904 ( i think) as a choctaw-freedman, c.c. #827-roll 4757….not sure bout the…

  • Kachina Does anyone know anything about Isla M. Lynch ?? from Kachina on January 17, 2012

    My grandmothers name is Cora Bell Perkins-married name Kittrell.She is from Hillsboro,Highland,Brown Counties Ohio.We were told all our childhoods we were cherokee indians an just found out its choctaw indians. I want to know my family,cultures ,excetra an family.So please if you know anything please let me know. Kachina

  • Vicky Pebsworth descendents of Patsy Nuk-A-Ta-Cha McCann from Vicky. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 15, 2012

    I’m a descendent of Patsy Nuk-A-Ta-Cha McCann (1790-1852) and the Pebworth/Pebsworth line. I’m looking for information, documents and pictures of my ancestors. From Patsy, my lineage is John Henry Pebsworth (1835-1894), William M. Pebsworth (1868-1898), and my great-grandfather was Marshall Henry Pebsworth (1892-1921), Dawes’ Roll #1221. My grandfather was Lloyd…

  • Jamie Whitlock Ray Dyer from Jamie Whitlock. 6 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 15, 2012

    I am looking for information about my grandfather, Ray Dyer. I have little information to go on, but my father’s name is James Ray Dyer.

  • Kachina How to go about getting death an birth certificates from Kachina. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 14, 2012

    Mother-Mytle Marie Kittrell married name Jackson and grandmother Cora Bell Perkins married Kittrell and great granmother Hattie Perkins and great,great grandmother Violet Morgan ?

  • kelsey walling trying to find more information from kelsey walling. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 14, 2012

    my father told me that we are Choctaw, and that this was lost when his grandmother (or great) got married in the 1800s. I would be beyond grateful for more information regarding this lost mother. my father’s name is Gary Albert Walling my grandfather’s name was Samson (or Sampson) Walling….

  • John Oden researching Tom family genealogy from John Oden on January 12, 2012

    I am compiling the descendents of Nicholas Tom (full blood Choctaw) Nicholas was born abt. 1863 in Neshoba County MS. he came to the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory in Aug 1903 and settled in Jasper,west of Soper,in present day Choctaw Co.,OK Nicholas roll# 1640 had sons Watson & Moses,daughter…

  • Hope J Davis Vails/Nelson from Hope J Davis. 4 comments, most recently from Fern Allen on January 11, 2012

    I am looking for knowledge of descendants of Lavina Nelson, she had two set of twins: One sets of twins was boys. And One set was girls, I do not know the Boys names. But the Girls set was Mary Ada who died in durant Ok and the other Ada…