Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation


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  • lisa paden George Paden from lisa paden. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 13

    Im sorry the name is Feltner, and half uncle is just what it means, he was a half brother to this mans mother or father. And from what Mr. Feltner told me on this genealogical page is that George Paden lived and worked with him there in OK. All I’ve…

  • Tina Bortoli Choctaw Heritage Confirmation-Hammer/Shipman/Henson/Baker Genealogy from Tina Bortoli. 5 comments, most recently from Tina Bortoli on February 13

    I am searching for my Choctaw heritage. My Great grandparents lived in Township 6, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory in the 1920’s. I have been told I am Choctaw from an early age. I’ve recently viewed the Dawes Roll and found several familiar names. Could you assist in verifying my relatives?…

  • Yvonne Hettie E Smith Southard from Yvonne. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 12

    Searching for information on my gr gr grandmother Hettie (or Hattie) Eunice (or Eunis) Smith married names include Southard and Russell. She was said to be full blood Choctaw. I have a tin type pic of her and she does look full blood Indian. Born around 1853 married Richard Martin…

  • cynthia hodge I am the Grand-daughter of a Choctaw member from cynthia hodge. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 11

    My siblings and I have been trying to locate more information on my Grandfather Oakley Winters. Please, any information will help. Thank you

  • Will Help me find my heritage from Will. 3 comments, most recently from penny on February 11

    My grandmas last name is zuniga and she always said she was an Indian and she really really looks like one. So can zuniga ba an indian name

  • jared lakies Any information about Lakies from jared lakies. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 11

    I am looking for information on my great grand parents unfortunatly my family does not have or remember the name of my great grandmother the only information I have is that she was %100 choctaw and she married my great grandfather who at the time was a immigrant from germany…

  • jamal looking for the williams family jack williams mary jane triplett williams .if you know cindy williams whooley and kelly smith tell them to hit me up cell 1559 -362-7712 or my facebook jamal upshur from lemoore CA from jamal on February 9

    clarence williams amos williams dona williams rose williams jackson williams

  • AW Seals/Young from AW. 3 comments, most recently from AW on February 9

    Looking for information on any Choctaw heritage of Nancy Elvira Young (1865-1931, m. James Seals) and/or her son Benjamin Lafayette Seals (1891-1960, m. Oma Laird). Benjamin Lafayette Seals was born in Webbers Falls, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Thank you! I thought I found Nancy in the Dawes rolls but am unsure. One…

  • Elizabeth Monks Family from Elizabeth. 15 comments, most recently from Christy on February 9

    I am looking for my family. My grandmothers maiden name was Lona Monks and I am looking for family. My grandmother and great grandmother both lived on the reservation at one time. My grandfather’s last name was Carter.

  • Krystle Davis/Willingham from Krystle. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 8

    My 3rd great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Davis with the married name Willingham. I have heard she was Choctaw. My question is, if she is in fact on the Dawes roll, how do I figure out which one might be her. Here is a little more info… My grandfather was…

  • rekroll 7th Great Grandfather Search from rekroll. 5 comments, most recently from Rebecca Danielle Stinson-Gentry on February 7

    I am looking for information on my grand children’s 6th great grandmother’s, She Ni Yah (Choctaw), father, Hanok Ochanakahoma Yah. He was supposedly born in 1757 in Choctaw Mississippi. Can anyone help? Regards

  • Ronnie D. Pigg family history from Ronnie D. Pigg. 6 comments, most recently from Vonnie Peterson on February 6

    I am looking for any information on family of Frank Butler Tubby Flowers Jenny Mingo Flowers Lola Butler Pigg thank you!

  • Carol Choctaw or No! from Carol. 5 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 6

    I searching for family history. I have heard that my Great Granddad was part Choctaw and looking at his photo, I believe it. His name was George W Benn and he was born around 1874 in Choctaw County in Alabama. He had three brothers that I know of, Allen, Abraham…

  • KimmyJones James Gipson/Choctaw Nation from KimmyJones. 13 comments, most recently from Choctaw Nation Genealogy on February 6

    Well did my part as far as following all of your instructions found the family right father correct b-days ect.. Called the Nation because the info in ancestry paths was empty. You told me to call them to see if they had been merged with another, I called they found…

  • Susan Veatch Sams Veach Family History from Susan Veatch Sams. 4 comments, most recently from Susan Veatch Sams on February 6

    My name is Susan Veatch Sams. My father was Walter Elder Veatch. I am searching for relatives with the last name of Veach or Veatch. Per our family history books our last name was spelled both Veach and Veatch. Thank you.

  • Lizabeth Golden looking for info from Lizabeth Golden. 5 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 5

    my great grandfather’s name was gilbert perry,and live and died in Wilburton,ok, my great granmothers name was delma alice perry who later moved to calif with her two daughters Elizabeth perry and mary jane perry,my great granmothers maiden name was gray,if anyone has come across any info on any of…

  • Alisha How do I find out what percentage of Choctaw I am? from Alisha . 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 5

    I come from a long line of Hull and Masters. Both claim to have been of Choctaw origin. Unfortunately, both sides have no-one left to give me details on our heritage. All I know is that both come from the Oklahoma and Texas areas and that one of my great…

  • Tai Blalock Are we Choctaw from Tai Blalock. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on February 2

    I have some family names I’m told were Choctaw and would like to find out definitively. Sarah Madora Martha Jane nee Taylor Ellis(Dora May), Iva Lillian Ellis, Dora May Taylor,and James Washington Taylor. These are decendents of mine that I’m told may have been of Choctaw decent. Any or all…

  • Joseph S.Brear Robert James Bivin Born about 1879 from Joseph S.Brear. 3 comments, most recently from Joseph S.Brear on January 29

    I have been told all my life I was part Choctaw.My great grandfather Robert James Bivin was born about 1879 to Winnie Bivin.He was born in Tuscaloosa,Alabama.And lived in Precinct 10, Choctaw, Alabama in 1900.If anyone has any information on my family.Please help.Thanks

  • Marisa Henderson William E. Porter from Marisa Henderson. 5 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on January 29

    I have recently started tracing my heritage back and I have come to a stump in the road. After my father passed last year I found our papers that he had submitted and registered us with the MaChi Creek tribe in South Alabama. Although, after looking more in depth at…