Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation


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  • Jackie Day Luckett John Colbert born abt. 1889 from Jackie Day Luckett. 11 comments, most recently from Brian Hicks on April 23

    I am in search of any information on John Colbert, he was my Granny’s father her name was Frances Colbert, she married Raymond Amos, then she married Henry Nelson. Her mother was Wisey Bunnup. My auntie said that all she knew about John Colbert was that he died young and…

  • mary Shirley Silmon Family. from mary. 8 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 23

    I am looking for any information about birth mother and siblings, or relatives.I was born in the 60’s. Would love to hear from anyone that knows my mother.I’ve missed out on my native culture,would love to know more about it,so I tell my own children. Hope to hearfrom someone.

  • kathy jo anderson McKay family Choctaw connections from kathy jo anderson . 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 23

    Hi, I am looking for some info on my Choctaw ancestors who were reportedly from around Louisville, Mississippi. My grandparents were very reticent to even speak about these connections, having a historical memory of property confiscation of even suspected tribal people. My grandmother would simply not even discuss my grandfather’s…

  • Aaron Chastain Family Line from Aaron. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 21

    I am trying to trace my Choctaw Heritage; any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My grandmother told me that her mother was full Choctaw from Oklahoma. She married into the Chastain family and her husband’s name was Andy. Her Christian given name was Jenny. All of the family documents and…

  • rekroll 7th Great Grandfather Search from rekroll. 6 comments, most recently from Vickie Sue on April 19

    I am looking for information on my grand children’s 6th great grandmother’s, She Ni Yah (Choctaw), father, Hanok Ochanakahoma Yah. He was supposedly born in 1757 in Choctaw Mississippi. Can anyone help? Regards

  • Janice G. Rasdon Zachariah Mangrum married Nancy R. Jones from Janice G. Rasdon. 3 comments, most recently from Pam Loper on April 19

    Looking for information about the above. Nancy R. Jones is the daughter of Samuel Nashoba Jones (Full Blood) and Peggy Smith who was Choctaw also. Nancy was born 1800 in East Choctaw Nation Mississippi.

  • Tim Willis Any Info from Tim Willis. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 18

    I am looking for any information for Jimmie Eula Anderson DOB March 1885 (?) Family history is she was Choctaw. Her Father was James Anderson. We attempted Tribal Enrollment in the 70’s – 80’s but was denied because Jimmie had no birth certificate. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank…

  • Caitlin Bell Asenath Senoy (Dean) Childs from Caitlin Bell. 6 comments, most recently from Caitlin Bell on April 18

    Hello, I am looking for info on my 5 times great grandmother, Asenath Senoy (Dean) Childs. She was born in 1817 in South Carolina to James Dean, mother unknown. Her children are: Louanna Tenessee Childs, and Lewellen M Childs, among others. Louanna married Robert A Shaw, and were parents to…

  • rlacey My grandmother*8 was a Choctaw Indian Princess? from rlacey. 4 comments, most recently from rlacey on April 18

    Hello all! I am trying to trace my line and have verified to Caldona Dawson (1869-1908) Daughter of Kissiah Grayson (1839-1872), daughter of George Grayson (1817-1839) and “Choctaw Indian Princess.” I have been trying to identify the mystery behind what precisely an Indian Princess is (is it a literal daughter…

  • Dee Looking for information on the Austill (Austin) Family from Lauderdale, Mississippi from Dee. 10 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 17

    My Great Great Grandmother Susie Goar, was born in Lauderdale, Mississippi in 1901. Her parents names were Danl Austill (born: 1854) & Laura Austill (born: 1861). Danl was a farmer. My father told me his grandmother Laura Mae Martin(Susie Goar’s daughter) was called an Indian by classmates. She had long…

  • Caitlin Wolff Davis family from Caitlin Wolff. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 17

    Hi. I’m looking for the Davis family. My husband’s gg-grandmother was Julia Davis, born approx 1886. Apparently she married a Rogers at some point and then later Frank Perrine. She started passing as white after 1920. We weren’t sure the family story about her was true until DNA testing showed…

  • Kristy Smith-Fast Looking for information on Louise Smith wife of James Henry Smith from Kristy Smith-Fast. 6 comments, most recently from Kristy Smith-Fast on April 16

    Hello! I am trying to find out my great grand mothers maiden name, and any other information on my family. This is what I have so far starting at the earliest information. 1910 Census in Oklahoma shows Jeff Smith born in 1863 in Illinois- married to May Smith born in…

  • jamal looking for the williams family jack williams mary jane triplett williams .if you know cindy williams whooley and kelly smith tell them to hit me up cell 1559 -362-7712 or my facebook jamal upshur from lemoore CA from jamal on April 15

    clarence williams amos williams dona williams rose williams jackson williams

  • Amanda gary Victoria Raymond from Amanda gary. 6 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 15

    My great great was Victoria Raymond, born around 1850. Our family tells the story the she was Choctaw. She her sister and mother were stolen,taken from Oklahoma and sold into slavery in Louisiana around New Iberia. It is said they arrived Louisiana shackled and chained to their mother. They also…

  • alanderson Blue Family - Dancing Rabbit Creek - Mushulatubbee district On Tombigbee from alanderson. 5 comments, most recently from alanderson on April 14

    I am searching my family history and have run into a road block. I am in need of help! My 5xgreat grandmother Alihoke/Alahoka was a Choctaw and her husband James Blue (listed on the index of known mix bloods as negro) signed the treaty at dancing rabbit creek to remain….

  • Tracy King LOOKING FOR THOMPSON, OSCAR from Tracy King. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 14

    I found some records in the census showing my Great Grandpa lived in Territory 6 in the Choctaw Nation when he was 12 yrs old. I have his parents name but does anyone know how I find out more???

  • Glenn D Reasoner Looking for info on AH Matthews from Glenn D Reasoner. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 14

    I’m looking for information on a Asbury Hilliard Matthews who died in Garvin OK, 27 Jul 1890. He died before his son was born in Marlowe, OK in Nov 1890. Would there be a record or a grave around? Many Thanks, Glenn

  • Tina Bortoli Choctaw Heritage Confirmation-Hammer/Shipman/Henson/Baker Genealogy from Tina Bortoli. 6 comments, most recently from Tina Bortoli on April 13

    I am searching for my Choctaw heritage. My Great grandparents lived in Township 6, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory in the 1920’s. I have been told I am Choctaw from an early age. I’ve recently viewed the Dawes Roll and found several familiar names. Could you assist in verifying my relatives?…

  • Cynthia Vanhnarath (Summers) Last name Summers from Cynthia Vanhnarath (Summers). 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 12

    hello I’m trying to trace my family history and I know my real fathers last name was Summers, first name Michael. My brother was born in the Indian hospital there on the reservation but I was born in California. Any Summers out there?

  • Graham White Records of White settlers in the Choctaw Nation? from Graham White. 3 comments, most recently from rayson allen on April 12

    Hi, My great-great-great grandfather, Christopher C. White, came to Oklahoma in 1889. I believe he originally lived in the region belonging to the Choctaw Nation. However, he wasn’t a Choctaw or a freedmen, and neither he nor his children ever married into the tribe. He wasn’t there very long at…