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  • John Bucci Help needed from John Bucci. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 19

    i had some ancestory work done and i found out that my great great grandfather, Joseph Fish was born in North Carolina around 1758 and died in choctaw, ms at age 92. As a child i was told we had a small amount of Native American blood in us and…

  • Kelli Family Link from Kelli. 5 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 19

    I am trying to get some information on my grandmother’s family. We are told that she had Choctaw in her family. Her name was Leola Caldwell. She lived in Shreveport, Louisiana. She was born May 30, 1911. She was from a family of 12 or 13 I believe. She just…

  • Crystal Riley Apukshunnubbee District Cheif, James Fletcher, 1838-1842 from Crystal Riley. 8 comments, most recently from Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee) on April 18

    I have discovered that James Fletcher was my greatgrandfather X 6, but I am not sure what all is needed to prove and again become apart of the Choctaw Nation. This is the site, ,that traces it to him. It leaves off at my grandfayher, Rueben Russell Riley II,…

  • Vicki Barnett GRAHAM FAMILY HISTORY from Vicki Barnett. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 18

    I am trying to locate family members by the surname of Graham. My grandfather’s name was William Riley Graham, My great grandfather was Isaac Graham and my great, great grandfather was Benjamin Graham.

  • Nancy Klein Cordelia E. Ewing from Nancy Klein. 3 comments, most recently from Nancy Klein on April 17

    I am looking for Cordelia Eulalia Ewing. She died in 1927 and I believe was a teenager during the civil war.I would appreciate any information on her.

  • kyle young looking for family members? from kyle young. 4 comments, most recently from kyle young on April 17

    hello, i am looking for relatives and information on my great great grandmother. her name was margarette eunice kerr cannon. she was born in indian territory in 1900 she passed away in 1995. her father is listed as tom kerr and her mother is listed as doshie short kerr. she…

  • Dolores Pike Looking for relatives or friends that might have known my Dad from Dolores Pike. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 17

    Born in Talhina, OK, My Father was Alfred Pike..passed away many years ago…looking for any relatives or friends that may have grown up with me. My Father remarried after my Mothers death to Dulcie Shaw…. I can be contacted at

  • BretAndrews Choctaw or Not from BretAndrews. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 16

    Hello All, I am trying to research my family history. I have been told that great grandfather Rufus Lamp,was either 1/2 or full blooded Choctaw. I believe his mothers name was Mary De Haven, but I am not 100% sure. I have been on and found him (I Think)…

  • Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee) Reply to Katy Rains, (Q.) from Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee). 10 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 16

    With Respect upon the subject matters here within, In Regards to your- George Roberts # 3843 It appears the no is not the roll No but is the case no. this is what I was looking at of the information source: > type in search engine as such, 3843…

  • Johnathan Chotkey Looking to find my relatives from Johnathan Chotkey. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 14

    Hi my name is Johnathan Chotkey, I am looking to find my relatives on my mothers side of the family. Being that I have never known her, other than her name. Her maiden name was Brenda Faye Colbert. From what I understand of her she was from down by Broken…

  • Scott Coleman My Great Grandmother from Scott Coleman. 4 comments, most recently from kristine Trybus on April 13

    Hello, I am trying to place what tribe my Great Grandmother came from. Her name is Havo Maud Haskins and she was born in the 1800’s in Illinois. She married Edward Clickner and moved to Beadle South Dakota. Please help. Thank you.

  • Ella Everidge William Bohannon father of Samuel H. Bohannon from Ella Everidge. 3 comments, most recently from Darlene Bohanon Fields on April 13

    I am searching my ancestry line of Bohannon’s if anyone could help me,

  • jesse dennis trying to find out info on eunice arnold,hoyle folsom and the folsom family from jesse dennis. 6 comments, most recently from Roberto on April 10

    hello i am trying to find out about my choctah heritage my grandmothers name was katherine folsom and her sisters name was myreah folsom chandler if anyone has information on the folsom family can you please help thank you

  • Nancy Blue James Blue from Nancy Blue. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 10

    I am looking for the family of James Blue Black man with Choctaw wife that signed the Dancing Rabbit Treaty requesting to stay in Miss. I found William Blue that we are descended from on the Dawes Roll and have documented the same but he says his father died in…

  • tressia looking for information from tressia. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 10

    I am the Great Great Grand daughter of Navada Rhoads Dement she had a roll number that was lost in flood if any one knows any information please let me know thank you

  • Leo Pergson Choctaw Nation Oklahoma- CDIB Certificate Degree of Indian Blood Re; July 12,1912- Senate Bill 7625- Relief of the Five Civilized Tribes" from Leo Pergson on April 10

    *The Misconstrued meaning as to the MCR-14th Article “Rejection” For Indian Territory Lands, and, the Choctaw Act 1842- Violations of 14th Article Claimants, forced removal from Mississippi and the Choctaw Lands wrongfully sold by the Government in Mississippi in Exchange For Choctaw Lands and Choctaw Enrollment in the Choctaw Nation…

  • Joel J. Thompson III Trying to Learn More about the Thompsons from Joel J. Thompson III. 4 comments, most recently from Belinda Thompson on April 9

    I am Joel J. Thompson III. My Papa was Joel J. Thompson Sr. I know little about our family prior to Papa. I would like to learn more. Our name prior to Thompson was Hy Yip a Tonkla. Papa lived in southeastern Oklahoma and was a Mississippi Choctaw.

  • Barbie Finding a relative from Barbie. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on April 7

    Ho, looking for my dad’s relatives. His name is Harding Coolidge Thorpe, Jr. He was called Jr. his family. My grandpa is Harding Coolidge Thorpe, great-grandmother is Betsy Alice Roberts and my great grandfather is Grover Thorpe. I attend choctaw pow-wows and all the Choctaw Events hoping to run into…

  • Tammy Waldron Looking for family from Tammy Waldron. 6 comments, most recently from Tammy Waldron on April 7

    I am trying to find out who my Great grandmothers mother, father and siblings are. My Great Grandmothers name was Sallie Mae Byington Wesley and I believe she was born in Lane, Oklahoma on October 17, 1902 and died on October 12, 1985. She married Isaac Wesley (1899-1970) and had…

  • Katy Rains need help understanding family roll number from Katy Rains . 8 comments, most recently from Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee) on April 6

    My great-great grandfather has Roll# 3843. Choctaw Nation denied applications for both my father and myself saying #3843 is not a Choctaw roll number. I don’t understand the Roll #3843 George Roberts(great-great grandfather) appears on many Dawes/Choctaw documents. All the documents I was given by my family members indicate Choctaw…