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  • Ronnie Guest Walker's from Ronnie Guest. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 12

    My name is Ronnie and my grandmother Catherine (Walker) Green is 103 years old and I’m trying to locate her roll# and card #. Her parents were Kaiser & Lucy Walker. My grandmother was born February 24, 1911. Anthing you can do to assist is appreciated.

  • gene sloan sloan/corpier/cross family members from gene sloan. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 12

    I’m looking for family members for sloan/corpier/cross from Missouri, miller and maries and Pulaski county 928-580-3594 leave a text thanks

  • Tanya3773 Bohanon's from Tanya3773. 3 comments, most recently from Choctaw Nation Genealogy on June 12

    I am looking for Bohanon’s that are from Mcalester, Albion, and Clayton Oklahoma. I am doing research on my family tree and would love to be able to talk with them about this. They would be descendants of Robert Lee Bohanon and Elsie. If anyone is willing to help me,…

  • Toni Gish any records of my great grandfather from Toni Gish. 12 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 12

    I was wondering if anyone could help me locate any records of my great grandfather John Wesley Beavers born in Keota Oklahoma on 10-5-1879. Died in Casa Grande, Arizona on 9-6-1949. He married Leether Perel Graham who was born in Kentucky. Her DOB is 11-18-1885 They had four children; Leroy…

  • Darius Taylor Henry Wade Roll #15943 from Darius Taylor. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 12

    I am looking to find any information about Henry Wade’s Life. I would like to know where he is buried. Tell me about the man. I also want to know about:Eliza and Issac Thompson, Betsy Wade, Nicholas Wade,Louena, Sally, and Simon Wade. I am Darius Taylor born to Bevetta Taylor….

  • wanda Underdew or Underdue family from wanda . 5 comments, most recently from wanda on June 11

    Hello, I am looking for info. On my family on my mother’s side. I believe we may be Choctaw,but need help to confirm. I have a family member by the name if Frank Underdew born 1879, who married Mattie Davis, Franklin, OH.they are listed on the Choctaw Nation Marriages Oct….

  • jwilson M (Molly?) J Patten from jwilson. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 11

    I am wondering if anyone can help me find info on an M J Patten? she is my 4x great grandmother. I pretty sure she was from Arkansas but she did live in Oklahoma as well. The only thing on ancestry I found was that she married Edward Thomas Howell…

  • Lois Evans Malcolm Wade and James L. Wade from Lois Evans. 9 comments, most recently from Gordon Wade jr. on June 11

    I found a newspaper article dated 1986 on the Wade family. I am working on the Abel Wade family. His father was a brother to Alfred Wade. I cannot find how Malcolm and James L. Wade that are in this article connect with the line I’m working on. Malcolm was…

  • Leo Pergson Act of June 28,1898-as MCR-14th Article Claimants-“FOR THE IDENTIFICATION AS MISSISSIPPI CHOCTAWS” being a Choctaw Nation Assumed Liability’ Under the Act June 28,1898 as to Choctaw Berryman Sallie 0 F MCR4849 P, Under this act the laws did not require an from Leo Pergson on June 10

    See the Entry below as to the ACT OF JUNE 28, 1898- CDIB Applications As Mississippi Choctaw/

  • Leo Pergson Act of June 29,1898-Whether "Mixed or "Full Blood" as MCR-14th Article Claimants-"FOR THE IDENTIFICATION AS MISSISSIPPI CHOCTAWS" Being a Choctaw Nation ASSUMED LIABILITY/ Did not require a CDIB Application" As "MISSISSIPPI CHOCTAWS" from Leo Pergson on June 10

    REVIEW OF ENROLLMENT WORK UNDER THE VARIOUS LAWS OF CONGRESS. MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE Washington D.C. Printing Office 1910-[H. R. 19279, Sixty-first Congress, second session.]Under the act June 28,1898, A BILL For the relief of Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians. Commissioner Bixby. I was in the Chickasaw Nation in the fall…

  • loretta MCR from loretta. 3 comments, most recently from Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee) on June 10

    I found my family member but her number has the letters MCR in front….I found out it means Mississippi Choctaw Rejected…does that mean that I cannot claim my Indian Heritage? My members name was “Mary Arlena Clover”, any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

  • chase d. apukshunnubbee from chase d. . 3 comments, most recently from Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee) on June 9

    Hello I am trying to find some information on miko or mingo apukshunnubbee . I believe I have traced him to be the father of tioka doak/tioka apukshunnubbee . and she would be my great great great great great grandmother.from my research I have my grandfather Billy h fannin son…

  •  Noodles Arkansas Family from Noodles. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 9

    I am trying to locate any relatives of Atchman and Abel Arkansas, born in Oklahoma. If I am correct their father was Freeman Arkansas born in Hickory, Mississippi abt. 1886. I believe his family settle in Durwood, Oklahoma. Freeman’s parents were John and Susan Arkansas, both were from Mississippi. Susan…

  • James Monks Monks family lineage from James Monks. 7 comments, most recently from Sonya Deaton - (Pistubbee) on June 8

    I am trying to trace our family roots.i found where my grandfather parents applied for his enrollment in the 5 civilized tribes.his name is Francis M.Monks Dob05-13-1905 Census card #m1142,Nara publication M1301,Nara roll 48, Nara group75. I’m not sure if he was approved or not.the application date was July11,1906. Any…

  • muzicfreek Census questions from muzicfreek. 15 comments, most recently from JohnCAminAllen on June 6

    Hi. I have been trying to track my maternal line for about a year now. I got stuck on my gg grandmother…. I finally found her…. She lived in Georgia all but 1885 where she is NOT listed in Ga, but in Oklahoma in Skullyville.. and Listed as Indian on…

  • Dianne Cole Heritage from Dianne Cole. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 4

    Hello everyone. I am new to this website and discussion. I need help with finding out if I am part Choctaw. I have been told by others that I have Choctaw traits. I believe the trait is on my father’s side. To begin my father was Sammie Lowry. He was…

  • JoRaye Find enrolled members on a specific roll number? from JoRaye. 7 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 3

    In my genealogy studies, I’ve found a few interesting roadblocks on the line where my roll number comes from. My great-grandmother is on the Choctaw Rolls, and I already have my CDIB and tribal membership. I know my Dad, my aunt, and her children would also be registered under this…

  • Annie Mills from Annie Mills. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 3

    Researching your roots does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, some website are helping researchers access certain documents for free or for a small fee and I am a big fan of “Free”, or “Small Fee”. This website should be recognized as one of them, they…

  • Donna Cranford Mack Looking for information on any Cranfords or Odoms on Choctaw Roll from Donna Cranford Mack. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 1

    I’m looking for help in finding if my family is Choctaw Indian. My family names are Cranford and Odom. both families came from Walker Co. Alabama to the Choctaw Indian Territory in the 1800s. Any help or information would be appreciated.

  • Elgie Ellis Bacon Charles E. Bacon from Elgie Ellis Bacon. 3 comments, most recently from Elgie Ellis Bacon on May 31

    I am trying to find my grandfather, Charles E. Bacon. I have no info on him other than he married, Christine Rull, my grandmother in 1914 in San Mateo, CA. My father, Ellis R. Bacon was born there. My search has led me to names found within the Chactaw Nation….