Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

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  • Sandy Zeruvia Moses Miller, and Martha Moses Miller from Sandy. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on July 2

    I have been working on family genealogy for 20 years. Would like to find more information on the Moses Miller women. Zeruvia married an Orvis, and Martha married a Corbin. Thanks for any help. I will gladly share info. if you want it.

  • Miriam Riley Health from Miriam Riley. 2 comments, most recently from Choctaw Nation Genealogy on July 2

    My great Great Grandfather was Choctaw, his wife AI from the Cumberland area of Kentucky. My dad 1/2 AI 1/4 I know for sure was Choctaw. His arteries shut down and killed him in his 50’s, His mother and one sisters did the same thing, his grandfather Choctaw did not…

  • Brittany Daniel Green 2nd Marriage? from Brittany. 5 comments, most recently from rayson allen on July 2

    Hey folks, I’ve been working on my family tree and I found a member (Daniel Green roll# 4733 card# 588) who appears on the Dawes roll with the same name and age, but a different wife (Dinah Green). I have been looking for a record of their marriage to determine…

  • ONATOOKAH MATTIE MAYTUBBY RELATIVES from ONATOOKAH. 4 comments, most recently from Deborah Calkin McCarter on June 30


  • Karen Alloway William Henry Harrison from Karen Alloway. 6 comments, most recently from rayson allen on June 29

    I am searching for any information on my Great Grandfather William Henry Harrison. The name William Harrison appeared on U.S. Indian Census Roll, Atoka County, Choctaw Nation 1885. The age stated for this William Harrison would be about the same age(35) my Great Grandfather would have been at that time….

  • Amber Chapman Smith Tirey(sp?) information from Amber Chapman Smith. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 29

    Looking for family information on Maria Tirey/Tyre/Tyrie, born July 3,1838 in what is said as east of Doaksville, Indian territory. Her mothers name was Mary Ward and first husband was named John Hall, a Mississippi Choctaw. He died in 1837 and Mary then married a Steve/Stephen Tirey in 1837. On…

  • black crow Morning Star Folsom from black crow. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 29

    My gr grandmother was Ular May Quaid, her mother, or grandmother was Morning (mourning) Star Folsom. I would very much appreciate any info on this, my, family, line. Thank you .

  • Grams Bell Family Cherokee County, AL from Grams. 8 comments, most recently from Grams on June 28

    My family has always claimed that we have Native American blood. My 3rd ggf, John (M or N) Bell lived as early as 1840 in Cherokee County, AL. He owned 88 acres and owned slaves. Since I don’t find any earlier connection of his family to NA, I wonder if…

  • Sherrie L. (Palmer) Hibbs Bench Family from Sherrie L. (Palmer) Hibbs. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 27

    I have been researching my Palmer family genealogy and my paternal Grandmother’s Bench family genealogy for many years, hitting obstacles along the way. I found out 10+ years ago that my paternal Grandmother was Choctaw. I began researching that area. Her father was Pulaski F. Bench and mother was Ruth…

  • aiahninchi ohoyo malinda folsom dean from aiahninchi ohoyo. 3 comments, most recently from aiahninchi ohoyo on June 27

    a true mystery…have been searching for information about my ggg grandmother, malinda folsom dean…cant seem to pin down whether or not she was the daughter of jeremiah and mary nail folsom and the sister of emeline folsom robinson, or, a black, indentured servant of the family who was the daughter…

  • Debbie Bullock Harriet Gordon Lemon(possible family name: DeNeff) from Debbie Bullock. 5 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 27

    I’ve been told Harriet was half Chippewa Indian. I’m looking for any info on her parents. It’s said she was born 1820 in/on “Red River”. I have no idea where that is. She married Anthony F Lemon II in 1837 in Wisconsin USA. She died about 1891. Any help would…

  • Debbie Bullock Cantrell Family from Debbie Bullock. 4 comments, most recently from Debbie Bullock on June 27

    Hi! I’m looking for any info on the Cantrell family. I’m looking for the parents of Tom Wallace Cantrell, born Feb 3, 1895, in Falcon, Arkansas. His mothers name was Mary and married a Choctaw Native Indian. Mary was born Nov 1857 in Arkansas. The only thing I can find…

  • Brook Butler The Family Mysteries. Seeking Truth in Old Tales. I'm Stuck on Docton and Milly from Brook Butler. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 27

    I am a history geek who loves a good mystery. My families (ancestors)have an abundance of them which is why I am here. I am seeking truth in the tales of old for all four branches of my family. Apparently, based on “stories”, I am Choctaw, Kiowa, Cherokee, and Scottish….

  • Lisa Judd Brown Family Moses and John from Lisa Judd. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 25

    Brown Family Choctaw Nation We are looking for any information about our John Brown family. He was born about 1827 and died before the 1896 Dawes registration. We’ve located all the census for both Moses Brown his son and Levina Brown his granddaughter from 1885 to present including early rolls….

  • Jason Slade Bounds,Anderson,creel from Jason Slade. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 24

    Marion,Perry County MS

  • Rhonda Krasz searching for Louisa E Morris aka Bettye Morris from Rhonda Krasz. 4 comments, most recently from William Wilson on June 22

    My Grandmother, Lille Belle Underwood was born 6/18/1894 to Louisa E Morris. Louisa was born in 1875 on the reservation in Mississippi I believe. She died on 5/3/1925 in Hill,TX. Her death record is 18529 and her name was listed at Bettye Underwood. She was full blooded Choctaw according to…

  • aiahninchi ohoyo malinda folsom dean, granddaughter of aiahninchi ohoyo from aiahninchi ohoyo. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 21

    halito still working on a family mystery does anyone here know why my grandmother malinda folsom was indentured..don’t know to who, or for what reason we do know that Robert dean paid quite a hefty ‘bride price’ to break the indenturment anything appreicated

  • steph martinez help on a family mystery from steph martinez. 14 comments, most recently from steph martinez on June 21

    my 3rd great grandpa is william r browning who was born in 1839 tennessee married a edith m.hutchinson they had several children including my william s. browning (william s. browning’s brother henry lived in 1920 census report for ratliffe choctaw nation. all were living in indian territory before it became…

  • Xonia My great grandfather from Xonia. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 21

    I wrote before but can’t find where it is. My great grandfather is Franklin M Cox. According to his WW I draft card he was born in July 11, 1894 in Choctaw Indian reservation, OK. He married Nita Crosson in Sept of 1916 in Mena, Arkansas. I have his info…

  • Janice Stone Winters History from Janice Stone. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on June 20

    Ok, going to try searching for Indian Heritage on my side of family as well. Know very very little about my grandfather on my father’s side of family. Here is what I do know: My father was born Atoka, OK to Alec Horton Winters and Bessie Viola Pletcher. My father’s…