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  • Patrick Gillespie Gusty May Watts from Patrick Gillespie. 3 comments, most recently from Patrick Gillespie today at 6:44PM

    I’m hoping to confirm my relation to Gusty May Watts; she would be my great-great grandmother. She should have been on the Dawes list, but a name is all I can get from what remains of my fathers’ side of the family, where our Choctaw blood comes from. This is…

  • Debra Bennett Burnham looking for family of Nancy Rivers Bohannan/Bohanon from Debra Bennett Burnham. 7 comments, most recently from Georgie Gilmore-Phares today at 7:48AM

    I have Nancy in my family tree she is choctaw i also have a pic of her and her father married and choctaw women and all it says on the marrage certificate is married to Indian woman choctaw full blood.well Nancy married a marler and had an son named David…

  • Jonathan S. Chilton Leflore Connection from Jonathan S. Chilton. 21 comments, most recently from Robert Brown yesterday at 8:44PM

    Message specifically for: (Or anyone with LeFlore lineage) “Leflore/Gardner Descendant Debi” Debi is your database in form of a GEDcom File? And would you be willing to share it? My Leflore connection is: Myself Katherine Spring Chilton-mother John Spring Jr/Ruth Nevada Cooper-grandparents John Spring Sr/Nancy McCoy-G grandparents Jane Leflore/William Spring…

  • Jerry Easter Ainsworth Forum from Jerry Easter. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 29

    We are looking for any information concerning David H. Ainsworth, Samuel A. Ainsworth, and Cora Nancy Jane Ainsworth who was my wife Mary’s G.Grandmother. we are trying to determine if any of them had a Roll number? Cora had several siblings, maybe one of them got a roll number?

  • David Vanderpool Decsendant of James A. Taylor, Poteau from David Vanderpool. 6 comments, most recently from Sandy on November 28

    I am a great-grandson of James Adolphus Taylor, who was a merchant in or around Poteau OK. (Skullyville) He died in 1900 and is buried in Bokoshe. On December 31, 1899, he married Vida Lytle in Poteau, and they had one daughter, my grandmother Mattie Mae Taylor, who was born…

  • Tami Benjamin Crandall Marriage record for Sophie Elizabeth Moore and Louis Stockman from Tami Benjamin Crandall. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 25

    What marriage records are available for about 1884/1885. My second great grandparents were married in Indian Territory (probably in the Chickasaw Nation) Their names were Sophia Elizabeth Moore and Louis Stockman. Their first daughter Emily Stockman was born in 1886, followed by son Jesse Louis Stockman in 25 Feb 1888…

  • D.R.R. Palma Kendrick Family from D.R.R. Palma. 3 comments, most recently from D.R.R. Palma on November 20

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here had any information on William Elliott Kendrick. He was born in Mississippi in 1883, and moved to Oklahoma in the early 1900s. He was denied enrollment as a Mississippi Choctaw because he and his family could not prove that they were Choctaw,…

  • Brooke Henderson Choctaw Volumes from Brooke Henderson. 6 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 20

    I found a reference to a ancestor and it says to look at Choctaw Vol. 20 pg 485 July 2 1878. Does anybody know where I could find this?

  • Lori Minson Mooney family from Lori Minson. 16 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 18

    I’m looking for our roll number. I have a cousin who has it. Her name is Glenda Calton South. I have no way of getting ahold of her. My great grandmother’s name was Alice Mooney. She was born and lived on a reservation. How do I get my number knowing…

  • Vanessa Elizondo-Esquivias-Jasso Looking for Genealogy Connection Elizondo-Esquivias for Choctaw from Vanessa Elizondo-Esquivias-Jasso. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 16

    Hi I’m Vanessa Renee Esquivias-Elizondo, 3rd marriage now last name has changed to Jasso. My mother had 3 daughters & one Son, I am the baby of the family. I know my Great Aunt Rosie Esquivias lives in Oaklahoma still, but grandmother Maria De Jesus had fallen for her first…

  • Erica Tiff Asking for direction and history from Erica Tiff. 5 comments, most recently from Erica Tiff on November 15

    I just recently was able to find some of my ancestors in the Dawes rolls, cards and packets.Surnames Bailey’s, Henry’s & Stewart’s I am at a loss because I can not find any information on the grandmother I have been searching for. I was wanting to know about marriage in…

  • ncariggs Continuing ancestry from ncariggs. 5 comments, most recently from ncariggs on November 14

    My late husband’s great grandmother is listed on the Dawes Rolls. We have traced a direct link from my granddaughters to her and are gathering birth/death certificates so they may obtain CDIB AND tribal membership to the Choctaw Nation. To date, we have been unable to trace my late husband’s…

  • S. Chapman Julia Francis (Fannie) King from S. Chapman. 4 comments, most recently from Nancy Phillips Kuehlem on November 14

    I am looking for any information regarding a Julia Francis (Fannie) King. She was born in what is now Philadelphia, MS in 1853, died 1943. She was believed to be an orphan at age 10. Possible Choctaw, Cherokee, or Chickasaw. She married Constantine Morgan in Forest, MS in 1876. Julia…

  • Papawlambert genealogy help from Papawlambert. 3 comments, most recently from Papawlambert on November 13

    My lineage comes from Louis Durant-Syllen Durant-Drury Arrington-AJS Barnett ans so forth on one side and on the other side?? Montatubbee Magee-Ellen(Magee)Boswell-Geo. W. Roberts- and Jess E Jones. Any help with DOB and DOD and any other genealogy will be appreciated.

  • Aisha Deersound Linole Garcia Pelichi - 降伏 - Garcia Family Reiki - Respecting Choctaw/Chickasaw Pagan from Aisha Deersound Linole on November 9

    Garcia Pelichi – 降伏 – Garcia Family Reiki Energy (Giving)  & Chickasaw (search Charliesaysgo on Youtube) VERY POWERFUL HEALERS

  • Ian Shotts Please Help from Ian Shotts. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 8

    Hello! I’m a teen in Ohio tracking my lineage, and after finally finding our ancestors, I’m in aid to know what to do next. My Great-Grandmother is Ruth Ann Burris and was born by Eddy Burris. Their card number is 355 and Roll (for her)#743 (him) #2881 except this is…

  • Kendall Ida Bell Walking from Kendall. 4 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 7

    I’m looking for any information about Ida Bell Walking. She was born between 1876 and 1890. She married Lawrence Jackson and they had two children, a son Maynard and a daughter Verna. Some records have her listed as Ida Frances Walker.

  • vmesser Looking for Mattie Chunn family from vmesser. 2 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 4

    Looking for any information or family from Mattie Chunn/ Blackburn. I was told growing up as a child we were Cherokee but I believe that were are actually Choctaw. If anyone has any info to share I would appreciate it. Thanks Vickie

  • Alyssa Kay lanoy I need to know how to go about learning my ancestry from Alyssa Kay lanoy. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 4

    My mothers name is Suzanne Renee Lanoy and my fathers name is Daryl Ira Eaton the third

  • Mary kirkland David c ward from Mary kirkland. 3 comments, most recently from suzanne hamlet shatto on November 2

    David c ward. Assignee of HO-TE-MAH rep of HUSH-E-TE-NAH deceased. Can any one give me any information about this?