Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Chiefs That are Directly Related to John "Dutch" Spring Jr's Descendants

Jonathan S. Chilton Jonathan S. Chilton

posted on August 12, 2010

Note: for the cousins—grandchildren of John Spring Jr
Nancy McCoy is our G-grandmother and John Spring Sr G-grandfather
Jane LeFlore is our GG-grandmother and William M Spring GG-grandfather

Red Shoes Life Span 1700-1783
GGGGG Grandfather
(or Nancy McCoy’s GG grandfather) (Choctaw_chief)

Red Shoes the Koasati of Wing Clan (son of Chief Red Shoes listed as (1) above
Muskogee Clan Chief life span 1720-1747
½ GGGGG-uncle
(or Nancy McCoy’s ½ GG-uncle) (Muskogean_chief)

Apukshunnubbee Chief 1802-1824
Life Span 1738-1824
(or Nancy McCoy’s GGG-grandfather)

Thomas Leflore District Chief 1834-1838 and then again 1842-1850
Life Span 1795-1857
GGGG Uncle
( or Jane LeFlore’s Uncle)

Greenwood Leflore District Chief 1826-1830 and 1st Principal Chief 1841-1844
Life Span 1800-1865
1st Cousin removed 5 times
(or Jane LeFlore’s 1st cousin 1st removed)

David McCoy District Chief 1854-1857
Life Span 1820-1892
GG grandfather
(or Nancy McCoy’s Dad)

Bazil LeFlore Governor/Chief of Choctaw Nation 1859-1860
Life Span1810-1886
1st cousin removed 5 times
(or Jane Leflore’s 1st cousin removed 1st)