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A Tribute to the McCurtain Family by Local Author

Gary D. Courtney Gary D. Courtney

posted on August 3, 2010 and updated on August 3, 2010

In the next month or so, my latest historical feature on the history of the Choctaw Nation will be published locally. The story is about the McCurtain family, and includes genealogical information up to 1900, and their significant contributions. If anyone has any old original pictures of the McCurtain family in the 1800’s, please let me know via E-Mail on the Contact Us option at: Previews of two of my historical book chapters have recently appeared in the Poteau Daily News, as multiple installments on each Wednesday of June and July.

Jonathan S. Chilton Jonathan S. Chilton

posted on August 4, 2010

Copy and paste this URL:!/album.php?aid=402883&id=10150102703945578

Top row 3rd and 4th picture of LT COL Jackson McCurtain

???Chief 1880-1884

Darlene Bohanon Fields Darlene Bohanon Fields

posted on August 7, 2010

Go to the Oklahoma Historical Society website and they have old Photos of Green Mccurtain and wife Kitty Spring and children and much more. If you need help finding them let me know.

Darlene Bohanon Fields Darlene Bohanon Fields

posted on August 7, 2010

Here is one there are more.


Lixliz Lixliz

posted on March 9, 2011 and updated on March 9, 2011


I have been told that my Grandfather J.W. Stephens is buried in McCurtain Co. Okla. In a Cemetery called Waterhole.

I assume this is an indian Cemetery since he was Indian. I think he died in the early 1940’s,