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posted on August 30, 2011

I seen the post, posted by a ladie named Martha Pevehouse thats said daughter and granddaughter. However im here to tell you all and seat the record straight. I’m the Great Grandchild of Fannie Fowler – Miller who died here in Califonria after moving here from Oklahoma in the late 40’s I’m not sure where Mrs Pevehouse got or gets her infomation about my Great Grandmother however i can tell you and prove she was never married to John C Miller and there is and you will never find any record of a marriage to him. Nor did they have any kids together. She as well as her parents are listed on that family card together along with John C Miller. and thats all it is is a family card. John C Miller claims he was nothing but white however his father was John Miller on the card and his step mother is Martha Ann Miller. John C Miller was Fannie’s -Franics brother in law and nothing more. I have records of who she really married as well as records of who John C Miller really married and who his widow is and was at the time of his death in Oklahoma. John C Miller married a woman who used the name Fanny her real name was Mary Fanny Cochran. and she was not born in 1878 as Fannie Francis Fowler was. nor was she born in Ark, as Fannie was. I have been working with a researcher and we have found out alot more things and the truth. We also have marriage records. census records the correct ones. and death as well as brith records. and other Government records. I also have photos of my Great Grandmother there in Oklahoma with her real husband and i wont say his name but he is John C Miller’s half brother by way of John Miller sr and Martha Ann Miller.
listed on that family card.
I also have a photo of my father with his cousion the child – son of Leo Victor Miller the first son of John C Millers. They are both here in California at My Great Grandmother Fannie Fowler Millers home. close to Bakersfeild.
I also found out Mrs Pevehouse none of the information you posted has been proven there for please stop posting anything about my Great Grandmothers side of the family with out proof because i have real proof. I’m not sure if your an inlaw or someone else who married in to John C Millers side of the family some place down the line by way of one of his three sons but you need to get your records straight and if and when you do then you to will find as have i and some very well known researchers that i know what i’m talking about.

Bill Miller Bill Miller

posted on February 25, 2013

Hello Choctaw in Cali.

My name is Bill Miller and I live in Moore, OK. I was doing some family research and believed that John C (Collin) Miller was my grandfather’s (William D. Miller) older brother. Our records indicate that their father was George Miller who died and is buried in Wayne County, Kentucky prior to the family moving to Texas and shortly thereafter Indian Territory.

I have a number of public records that show he (John C. Miller) was married to a Fanny Miller — I too, don’t think it was your great grandmother (Fannie Hester Fowler). My records indicate they had 3 boys,. Leo V. Miller, born April 2, 1900 at Finley, OK and died December 14, 1987 in Fresno, CA. Thomas Yourng Miller, born December 13, 1905 and died September 13, 1975 and is buried in Antlers, OK. William Briney Miller was born August 1910 and died May 1927 and is buried next to his father at the Kasoma, Oklahoma cemetery. John C’s headstone reads Father and William Briney’s reads Son.

To my knowledge, John C. Miller only had one brother and that was my grandfather (William D. Miller). His mother was Martha Ann (Milligan) Miller. If I am reading your post correctly you believe William D. Miller is is/was your great grandmothers husband or is there another brother we don’t know about.

John C and William D Miller had a sister (Edna Brooks Gossett) that we never knew about until last week, so any clarification or information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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