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crowder genealogy questions

don lacy don lacy

posted on August 29, 2011

i have traced my maternal line back to eli white crowder. his oldest son, harris, by his second wife, margaret durant was married to nancy wilkerson who is a distant aunt of my mother. eli fought to be recognized as a choctaw, won and received land in lieu of tribal enrollment. harris crowder died in mississippi and never removed to the choctaw nation in indian territory. his oldest daughter by nancy wilkerson, martha m crowder also fought for and won recognition as a choctaw of 1/8 blood. however, tribal status was in the process of being questioned by the tribal council at the time of her death.
based on this lineage am i eligible for tribal enrollment? or should i just be proud of my choctaw heritage?

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on August 29, 2011

i don’t know the answer to your question about tribal enrollment. you will have to contact the tribe directly and ask them.


suzanne hamlet shatto