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Jennifer Mieirs Jennifer Mieirs

posted on August 11, 2011

Hello, I am Jennifer, and have for the last decade researched my genealogy. I have a website, many know of, I am still searching to confirm the maiden name of one ancestor, but not really looking for help on that. I am though interested in getting in touch with other descendants of my families in the Choctaw nation. I have tracked down some of the direct descendants, but have had rotten luck on the Trahern family. Here is my line

Margaret Trahern Adams
Robert Trahern and Cornelia supposedly Gardner
James N. Trahern and Sarah Hall
James Trahern and Peggy (see my website) and William Hall and Susan Riddle
Nahotima and ? (we AREN’T related to the Leflores!) and ? and William Riddle and Caty

Associated families
Riddle/Hall include the Folsoms, Walkers, Walls, Moncriefs, Pitchlynns and Kincades
Trahern include the Juzans, Ainsworths, Geary, McLain, Flack, Walker, Hodges, McKinney’, McClerren, Daniels, Folsom

I have successfully traced down living descendant lines for Peggy’s Juzan children
Pierre- son Louis m. Emma Kincade
Mary m. Benjamin Leflore many many descendants
Delilah- alot of descendants, most of them Ainsworth’s that I know now
Lucy only her Geary children had living descendants
Rebecca only her Walker children had living descendants
Eliza Ann – the one line I haven’t found anyone from, her grandchildren were Hebert’s, and only two had children, the other two didn’t (one was a nun)
William, had no children
Jackson- chickasaw registrants, haven’t found any of these

I can be reached at my website from the email link or on facebook. (I am the only one with my name). Also, if your interested we have Choctaw and Cherokee proud on facebook, a web group just for talking and sharing info.


suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on August 12, 2011

it might help if you had dates and/or locations with each name.

i think you are looking well back. maybe historical newspapers and books might help. see your local public library for that. maybe state archives?

i think you have done some very good work and i do list your website in basic choctaw information.

suzanne hamlet shatto