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William M. Spring and Jane LeFlore Spring

Jonathan S. Chilton Jonathan S. Chilton

posted on February 25, 2011

Sometime back I came to this fork-in-the-road and I had to make a decision whether Greenwood LeFlore was a grandfather or not. After research I concluded that contrary to some listings he is not. The confusion is that he indeed did have a daughter name Jane G. LeFlore and we Spring descendants related to William M. Spring do have a grandmother name Jane LeFlore. Why I concluded that Greenwood is not a grandfather.

1.) No where in the probate of Greenwood’s LeFlore’s estate (and he was indeed a wealthy Plantation owner with negro slaves and all) is a son-in-law named William Spring mentioned.

2.) Patsy Martha Spring is well documented as William M. Spring and Jane LeFlore’s daughter and in her Pioneer Papers interview Patsy states that her mother Jane’s, parents are Issac and Patsy LeFlore. Patsy Martha Spring was most likely named after her grandmother.

3.) Genealogist Jennifer Barnes Miers in her extensive research of the LeFlore (LaFleau) family agrees that the Jane LeFlore married to our William M. Spring is the daughter of Issac and Patsy. And our Jane LeFlore had one known sister Eliza LeFlore who married into the Dean family. Eliza’s husband is William Dean.

4.) There is no documentation that Greenwood had a wife named Patsy. Greenwood’s wives: Rosanna S. “Rosa” Donley married 12-4-1819, Elizabeth “Betsy” Coody married 12-16-1829, and Priscilla J. Donley married 6-9-1834. Greenwood’s daughter Jane G. is Rosanna’s daughter. And most likely was named after her aunt, later to become her step-mother, Priscilla Jane Donley.

5.) Our Jane LeFlore was born in 1832 and died August 6, 1902.

6.) Greenwood’s daughter, Jane G. LeFlore, blood degree would figure to be 1/8 Choctaw because Greenwood is recorded as being 1/4 and Jane’s mother Rosanna S. Donley is white. This does not compute with children of William M. Spring and Jane LeFlore Spring as being 1/2 half Choctaw as documented by the Dawes Roll.