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I'm searching for information on the Hayes family. Robert and Eunice or Evnice Hayes

Melissa Melissa

posted on January 29, 2011

My name is Melissa (Ater) Jackson-Kuenzi I’m searching for information about the Hayes family.I have been searching for quite some time now.I just found out that my great-grand parents are Robert and Eunice or Evnice Hayes. I did find my great-grand father on record.But I really don’t know anything about my fathers side.
What I do know is Robert and Eunice Hayes had children and one is my grandma Bucella Ezelle Hayes (Ater).Then she married Samuel Ater,my grandpa.Then they had 3 children, Sue , Janice and Steven(my father).I really don’t know any thing other than that. I don’t know any birth dates for my great-grand parents or where they were born, except they are from Oklahoma,then moved over to California.
I don’t know any of my relatives from the Hayes side to ask them,I know that both of my great-grand parents are Choctaw and that Robert was a medicine man(I think).But he was someone who was highly though of.My mom had told me that he might even been a chief, I really can’t say so.
My grand mother lived in Chula Vista ,Ca and she passed away when I was about 5yrs old.So I really didn’t know her,but I’m told I take after her alot..

But looking for any info and any relatives that are out there who could help me.

Linda Linda

posted on March 25, 2011


I posted you awhile back…I do have information for you if you are interested…My father Albert, was your grand mothers brother…Your father, my first cousin…Please contact me…
My personal email is or you can contact me here…
Linda Hayes

dennis d fleming dennis d fleming

posted on April 4, 2011

Melissa, i am seeking info on my great granmother Laura ann Cathy, who married henry Hugh Fleming. We were told she was abanded as a child and raised by the Hays family, she married as a Hays.
can you help?
Dennis Fleming