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sheley sheley

posted on January 13, 2011

I need help finding out how to get a birth certifcate on my GG GRANDFATHER.His name was Arthur Eugene Lay. I know he was born on the Choctaw Reservation, but I called and they told me they did not start to keep records of birth till 1908. He was bor 8/3/1906 , or around there. If you have any information. PLEASE leave a message .

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on January 14, 2011

if he was alive 1/1/1937, he would have filed a social security application and submitted a delayed birth certificate to show proof of age.

you have to ask for the delayed birth certificate because, as you found out, they would have to look in a different time period to find it.

if he was an enrolled member of the tribe, there might be something in his file to indicate birth, parents, etc. i have seen documents like this.

you should get a copy of his death certificate, so you might have more information. an obituary might help. you can see your local public library for that – they have the interlibrary loan program. be sure you know which state might have the delayed birth certificate.

suzanne hamlet shatto