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Mitchell-Folsom Connection

Ty Gower Ty Gower

posted on April 24, 2014

As I’m looking at my quantum of blood, I am still not certain that it is accurate. (I’m sure plenty of people have this problem.) As I am looking, Nathaniel Folsom (white) married a full blood choctaw woman (Aiichhona or I-AH-NE-CHA)…who had 24 kids…We think) They had a daughter, Molly Folsom which is also listed as full blood. How is this possible?

This is what I have according to documentation.
Gen 1- Samuel Mitchell (white man) married
Mollie (Molly) Folsom, Full Blood Choctaw
Gen 2- Daughter is Sophia Mollie Mitchell, 1/2 blood who married Jubal Braxton Hancock (white)
Gen 3- Daughter Mary Melinda Hancock, 1/4 blood
who married Thomas David Spain (white)
Gen 4- Son is William H.H. Spain, 1/8 blood who
married Hulda Louisa Huntress (white)
Gen 5- Daughter is Mollie Marie Lee Spain, 1/32 blood who married Anderson “Ance” Thomas (White)

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on April 24, 2014

i answered this on the general choctaw discussion messageboard.

the error is that mollie folsom was 1/2 blood because her father was white.

so sophia mollie mitchell was 1/4 blood.
mary melinda hancock was 1/8 blood
william h. h. spain was 1/16 blood
and this is how mollie marie lee spain ended up with 1/32 according to the dawes commission.

suzanne hamlet shatto

suzanne hamlet shatto