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Judge Rufus Fulsom/Folsom

Madeline Mesplay Madeline Mesplay

posted on April 21, 2014

I am updating my request for info on Rufus Fulsom/Folsom. I recently obtained a probate file from Wagoner Co. for William Folsom and it provided info on the Judge and his lineage. I am sharing this so that the Choctaw Nation will know more about this family.
The first wife of Rufus was Sally/Sallie Wade. Their children were Lon, Edmon, Robert, Ellen, Rufina and Elzira. Lon died before 1909, children Jacob, Edith Huffman nee Folsom, Effie Huffman nee Folsom and Leonidas. Ellen died bef. 1907, married Dave Byington, children, Sinie, Rosie and S.W.. Rosie died before 1907, not married. Sinie marrie David D. Anderson, children, Hampton W. and Houston J.. Rufina married Tom Drake, children George, John W. and Mabel nee Crow. Elzira married Phillip Marshall both died before 1907, children Bell and Sal_?(she died in infancy about 1908 in Pittsburg Co.). Bell married James R. Edwards and had lottie, Londella, Hubert and Elmer.
Subsequent to death of Sallie, Rufus married Melissa (Creek) had one child, Simpson Folsom. Rufus then married Elnora Cruel (Crowell) Three children from this marriage were Rufus Folsom Jr.,, b. about 1879, Ida, abt 1881 and William b. about 1884. The judge died shortly before William was born. There was also another child who died in infancy, not listed on the 1882 Creek Census, Tribal town, Wocokiye.
I am trying to figure out how the Judge met Elnora since she was living in the Creek Nation. Did he work there or travel, or did she live in Choctaw Nation?

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on April 22, 2014

i don’t know if you have seen this webpage.

you should write anyone who posts about your family, trade information and sources.

Leaders and leading men of the Indian territory: with interesting …, Volume 1
By Harry F. O’Beirne
i wonder if this paper also carried her obituary. see your local public library interlibrary loan program. historical societies and state archives often have historical newspapers.
search for rufus and see where the letters are.—1876.html

i don’t know the answer to your question. an obituary or marriage notice might have an answer to the question.

suzanne hamlet shatto