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Alma Mae Mitchell

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posted on October 9, 2013

I am looking for Information on my great grandmother. I believe she was MCR…but I can’t find proof. Also, if she was, do you know if I could apply for my CDIB card?

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posted on October 10, 2013

The Dawes Family Card you refer to is MCR 5684 for the family of Albert M. Mitchell, born in 1875. Alma Mae Mitchell wwas the youngest of five children, being 4 months old in May of 1902 when the testimony to the Dawes Commission was taken. The prefix MCR means “Mississippi Choctaw Refused” which means the Dawes Commission did not accept or enroll them in the Choctaw Nation. There are 26 cases listed for other family members who applied to the Commission with the same info of ancestry and they were all refused as well. Basically, they could not prove their lineage back to a Choctaw Indian living at the time of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830 Mississippi. Their story was thus: Their Choctaw blood came through Robert H. Mitchell, son of William C. Mitchell, son of Samuel Mitchell, who married a full blood Choctaw woman named Alzira Folsom. As it turns out, their facts were a little mixed up. Here is what I found:
Albert M. Mitchell married Martha C. Pollard. His father was Robert Henry Mitchell (born 5-11-1838 Carroll County, Arkansas/ died 3-28-1922 Reichart, LeFlore Co, Oklahoma) and his mother was Martha Tennessee Buckley. They married 12-18-1859 in Carroll Co., Arkansas. Robert H. Mitchell was a Private in the CSA during the Civil War (Company H, 14th Arkansas Infantry) His father was a Colonel in the same Confederate Regiment. His father was William C. Mitchell (born 1-22-1807 Tennessee and died 6-2-1863 in Home, Little Rock, Arkansas.) William was captured 2-16-1862 and became a POW in Camp Chase, Ohio. He later escaped and made his way back home,where he later died. He married Nancy Isabella Dunlap ( born 2-27-1811 Stokes Co, North Carolina and died 1870 Carroll Co, Arkansas) on 6-3-1831 in Tennessee. The father of William C. Mitchell (Jr) was William Mitchell Sr. ( 1774-1827) who married Nancy Dyer (1777-1807)

William Mitchell was born 2-4-1774, one of 12 children. He married Nancy Dyer. One of his brothers was Samuel Mitchell, born 4-13-1765 and died 1802. Samuel was Indian Agent to the Choctaws first and then the Chickasaws. His first wife was Molly Folsom, whom he married in 1798. After her death he married Delilah Love, a Chickasaw woman. Another brother was Edward Mitchell. All were children of Joab Mitchell (born 1721, died 3-13-1780 Boonsboro, Kentucky) and wife Mary (born 1-10-1734 and died 8-25-1803). They married on 10-14-1751.

It provided land for Samuel Mitchell, white man, and his Choctaw wife, and his two children, Alzira Mitchell (born 9-30-1799) and Sophia Mollie Mitchell ( born 11-30-1802)

It appears the Dawes applicants wrongly thought they were descended from Samuel Mitchell and Alzira Mitchell, who was actually his daughter. She and her mother were Choctaws. Their true ancestor was William Mitchell, the brother of Samuel Mitchell, a white man who married a white woman. This being said, there would be no Indian Blood in your lineage,. Sorry.

You can look up the MCR Dawes applications at fold.3, a pay website or at the National Archives in Fort Worth, Texas. There is a lot of info on and message boards.

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posted on October 10, 2013 and updated on October 10, 2013


" Reserving a tract
of two miles square run on
meridians and parallels so as to include the houses and
improvements in the town of Fuketcheepoonta, and reserving also a
tract of five thousand one hundred and twenty acres, beginning at a
post on the left bank of Tombigbee river opposite the lower end of
Hatchatiggee Bluff, thence ascending the river four miles front and
two back one half, for the use of Alzira, the other half for the use of
Sophia, daughters of Samuel Mitchell, by Molly, a Chaktaw woman.
The latter reserve to
be subject to the same laws and regulations as
may be established in the circumjacent country; and the said
Mingoes of the Chaktaws, request that the government of the United
States may confirm the title of this reserve in the said (names of) Alzira and

Michelle White Michelle White

posted on October 10, 2013

Thank you for the information, at least I know more about my great grandmother’s family