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Children of Impson and Incy Bohanan

Chris Chris

posted on October 17, 2010

Incy James Bohanan born 1903 Died 1943. Daughter of Geon James #1713 and Artie James Samuel #5822
Impson Bohanan died 1942

Impson and Incy Bohanan had 4 boys, Issac, Earl, Robert and Cecil. I’m trying to find out what happened to these boys and if they were ever enrolled.

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on October 17, 2010

the dawes roll are public. however enrollments are often considered private information.

you might contact the tribe and identify yourself/your relationship to the names and they might give you the information if you are a direct descendant.

if you are a direct descendant of an original enrollee of the tribe, you are eligible to become a member of the tribe.

the tribe has an excellent information to help you. it is found under genealogy advocacy.

CDIB & Tribal Membership Program

Brenda Hampton, Executive Director
(580) 924-8280

If you do not have a printer and need the applications mailed to you please let us know by emailing or by calling (800) 522-6170.

you might let them know that their membership application links have changed and the old ones do not work.

James Breedlove James Breedlove

posted on January 3, 2014

Chris if you happen to be back on here, you might try asking Cecil Impson Jr.

Choctaw Nation Genealogy Choctaw Nation Genealogy

posted on January 22, 2014

Our office searches for original Choctaw enrollees on The Final Dawes Commission Roll Book. To be on the Dawes Roll, a person must have been living in Indian Territory (pre-Oklahoma) with the tribe between 1898-1906. Incey Samuel James; Roll #580, Census Card #715 on the Choctaw Minor By Blood Roll; born June 4, 1903.
Impson Bohanan; Roll # 5920, Census Card #2062; born about 1893. Since enrollment ended in 1906, the boys would not be enrolled but could become members of the Choctaw Nation by proving they descended from an original enrollee. In 1940 on the U.S. Federal Census, the family was living in Octavia, Oklahoma. Any questions, contact us at or 1-800-522-6170 and ask for Genealogy.