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posted on July 15, 2013

This quote from Chronicles of Oklahoma

“After the adoption of the Oklahoma Constitution he (Peter J. Hudson) affiliated with the democratic party, stating as one of the reasons the incorporation of the provision in Section 11, of Article 23, which had the effect of classifying the Choctaws with the white race.”
(handwritten copy: page 99 – “Definition of Races, Sec. 11” states “Wherever in this Constitution and Laws of this State, the word or words “colored” or “colored race,” “negro,” or “negro race” are used, the same shall be construed to apply to all persons of African descent. The term “white race” shall include all other persons.” – (Note: This section has been expunged from modern copies – perhaps repealed (?) or nulified by state or federal law?)
Perhaps this is one reason on Oklahoma birth certificates, etc., many Choctaws (as well as other Indians) were listed as “white.”