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Seeking photos of turnbull\brashears family.

Rhonda Thompson McCreight Rhonda Thompson McCreight

posted on July 1, 2013

In doing my research i have found that my great grandmother x5 was named Hotioka and her father is listed as a chief for the choctaws. I have been able to find a few photos of my gr grandmother during her youth. Her name was Ela Selsor . Her mother was a Turnbull. Id love to hear from anyone that may have old photos to scan and trade.

Curt D. Moran Curt D. Moran

posted on October 16, 2013

In my husband lineage there is Brashears and Turnball also!
Do not have any photos, but might be able to put you in touch with someone how does.
Elizabeth Brashears married William Buckholts
Eliz parents were Zaddock Brashears and Susanna Vaughn Susanna’s parents were Thomas Vaughn and Winifred Choctaw. Winifred’s parents were John Turnbull ad Beley Parry.
Do any of these names have a connection with your family??
I do not know any details. Do not know where these couples met, what brought them to TX and OK.
Would appreciate any inf.
Susan Moran 970 223-4712

Rhonda Thompson McCreight Rhonda Thompson McCreight

posted on October 13, 2014

Yes there was a sad dock,he was a relation of Sarah brashears. I have found pictures of my great grandmother as a young woman, as well as her father . Packed away in boxes for yrs. but what I’d love to have is older kind of at a loss,

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on October 13, 2014

you should contact the state historical societies and state archives to see if they have pictures. also NARA has some pictures but they might be of a later era.

bear in mind when pictures became more common – it was the civil war period.

most journal articles used the pictures from these sources.

you might find some family trees have pictures on

Ella Rebecca Selsor
Birth Oct 1889 in Indian Terriotry, Choctaw Nation
Death 28 Sep 1970 in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma

Family Members
John Alexander Selsor
1871 – 1913

Agnes Turnbull
1871 – 1905

Show siblings
Spouse & Children
Walter J Thompson
1885 –

Walter J Thompson
1909 – 1992

maybe look at peoples’ obituaries. see your local public library/interlibrary loan program.

and keep contacting people who might have this relative in their family tree. has email lists by surname, location, tribes. has the messageboards by the same categories.

suzanne hamlet shatto

Leo Pergson Leo Pergson

posted on October 13, 2014 and updated on July 29, 2015

Sallie S “Bleer” Brasher/Brashears-