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Looking for members of Severe Frost's family

Gayle McGavern Gayle McGavern

posted on July 2, 2010

My daddy’s name was Charles Payne. His mother was Helen [Townsend] Payne and I believe her grandmother was Icy [Frost] Farmer.

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on July 7, 2010

icy frost m. ? farmer>helen townsend m. ? payne>charles payne
no explanation for why helen’s name is townsend and her mother married a ? farmer. maybe i have the post wrong,, i don’t know.
unfortunately, there isn’t enough information to be able to find them on the dawes roll.

unfortunately, you have not named a location, given any years they were alive, named no

spouses or children. you have given no dates of death. you haven’t given your

grandmother’s name. this is a common surname, so you have to give more information

rather than less. if you post about women, it is helpful to include their maiden name

and married name and designate which one is the maiden name.

first of all, heritage and tribal enrollment are two different things. many times

natives didn’t apply for enrollment because 1) they didn’t qualify, 2) they were

philosophically opposed to enrollment, 3) they didn’t have documentation, or 4) they

were mississippi choctaw and their ancestor had accepted land or benefits in lieu of

tribal enrollmment.

the dawes roll was taken 1896-1906, so you should trace your ancestors down to that time

period. mostly, they had to be living in oklahoma by that time and agree to live there


since the name is so common, i am finding too many possible records.

the tribe has an excellent information to help you. it is found under genealogy


i am just a volunteer that wants to empower people to learn how to do genealogy.

suzanne hamlet shatto


posted on July 8, 2010

If you order a death certificate, you can get the birth information from there to do more research.