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lastname change: philips to phillip...

kathleen phillip-rodriguez kathleen phillip-rodriguez

posted on September 26, 2010

my grand father was born Dwight Edmond Phillip DOB Sept. 19 1923 i believe he was born in Muskogee OK, his brother is Thomas Clark Phillip Sr. who was married to a beautiful woman named Mavis. my father is Dwight E. Phillip Jr., from what i hear he has a cousin, Thomas Clark Phillip Jr. if anyone knows anything please help, i feel a bit lost.


suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on September 26, 2010

dwight edmond phillip sr. b. 9/19/1923 OK m. unknown
thomas clark phillip sr. m. mavis

Household Members:
Name Age
Cole Phillips 54
Nettie M Phillips 47
Dwight E Phillips 5
Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Springdale, Washington, Arkansas; Roll 97; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 35; Image: 941.0.

cole was first married at 33, nettie first married at 26, b. 1876 AR, parents b. AR, is a farmer raising fruit. he owns his own farm.
nettie was b. 1883 AR, father b. AR, mother b. TN
so they were married about 1902

Social Security Death Index
about Dwight Edmond Phillip
Name: Dwight Edmond Phillip
SSN: 444-14-5284
Last Residence: 92320 Calimesa, Riverside, California, United States of America
Born: 19 Sep 1923
Last Benefit: 92320 Calimesa, Riverside, California, United States of America
Died: 22 Mar 2010
State (Year) SSN issued: Oklahoma (Before 1951)

Use the information below to obtain a copy of a death certificate from California.

California Department of Health Services
Office of Vital Records
M.S. 5103
P.O. Box 997410
Sacramento, CA 95899-7410

Please visit the following web site to obtain the necessary forms and current pricing information:

you will want a copy of his obituary. see your local public library. they can get a copy through the interlibrary loan program.

here’s some addresses where he was probably living, to help you find a newspaper that might have his obituary:
View Record Name Birth Date Address City State Zip Code
View Record
Dwight E Phillip 19 Sep 1923 10961 Desert Lawn Dr Spc 383 Calimesa CA 92320-2228
View Record
Dwight E Phillip 19 Sep 1923 21520 Peak Cir Cedar Pines Pk CA 92322
View Record
Dwight E Phillip 19 Sep 1923 PO Box 713135 Crestline CA 92325
View Record
Dwight E Phillip Sep 1923 PO Box 63 Crestline CA 92325-0063

Household Members:
Name Age
Cole Phillips 44
Nettie Phillips 36
Joana D Phillips 2
[2 6/12]
Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Washington, Benton, Arkansas; Roll T625_54; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 36; Image: 775.

Household Members:
Name Age
Cate Phillips 33
Nettie M Phillips 28
Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Washington, Benton, Arkansas; Roll T624_44; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 35; Image: 823.

i don’t know if this information is matching up well. no thomas in this family. i think the obituary might help you out. also the death certificate. and if that stumps you, try his social security application. anyone who passed away after 1/1/1937 has a social security application on file.

this record is on but ancestry just crashed. it will be up soon.
Thomas Clark Phillips 22 Dec 1894 Caucasian (White) Arkansas;United States of America Sevier, Arkansas
it’s a world war I draft card.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
about Cole Phillips
Name: Cole Phillips
County: Benton
State: Arkansas
Birth Date: 13 Oct 1875
Race: White
FHL Roll Number: 1522737
DraftBoard: 0

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
about Thomas Clark Phillips
Name: Thomas Clark Phillips
County: Sevier
State: Arkansas
Birthplace: Arkansas;United States of America
Birth Date: 22 Dec 1894
Race: Caucasian (White)
FHL Roll Number: 1530581
DraftBoard: 0

i don’t knoiw if this is your relation. so i’ll stop here.

genealogists use names, dates, locations, children and spouses to match records. if you have a common surname, you need to give more information rather than less. if you post about women, it is helpful to include the maiden name and the married name and designate which one is the maiden name.

first of all, heritage and tribal enrollment are two different things. many times natives didn’t apply for enrollment because 1) they didn’t qualify, 2) they were philosophically opposed to enrollment, 3) they didn’t have documentation, or 4) they were mississippi choctaw and their ancestor had accepted land or benefits in lieu of tribal enrollment.

the dawes roll was taken 1896-1906, so you should trace your ancestors down to that time period. mostly, they had to be living in oklahoma by that time and agree to live there permanently.

2 ways to search:
this will give you card# (family group) and enrollment #. they have some native marriage records too. other oklahoma records listed at left.
this will let you enter partial names to get card#. click on the card# in the card column and you can see other names in that family.
other resources on the left and at the bottom of this webpage. native census records and databases are especially useful.
this will give you card# (family group) and enrollment #. they have some native marriage records too. other oklahoma records listed at left.

if the name is common, you may find too many possible records.

the tribe has an excellent information to help you. it is found under genealogy advocacy.

mississippi choctaw and choctaw tribe explained here:

jena choctaw tribe in louisiana:

MOWA tribe
MOWA Band Of Choctaws Wilford Taylor 1080 Red Fox Road Mount Vernon, AL 36560 (251) 829-5500. E-Mail:

texas tribes

oklahoma tribes:

types of records available for native americans:
pages 366-369 in particular although the entire native american chapter is helpful.
The Genealogist’s Companion and Sourcebook:
Guide to the Resources You Need for Unpuzzling Your Past
Emily Anne Croom
you can ask for these particular pages from your local public library. if they don’t have the book, you can get the pages through the interlibrary loan program.
native american records are discussed in pages 352-386.

Tracing ancestors among the Five Civilized Tribes: Southeastern Indians …
By Rachal Mills Lennon
this book could be accessed through the interlibary loan program also.

always find the state archives. some records are online, some records are not. but many times you can find a record not found in other places. you want to see also about newspaper mentions for obituaries, births, marriages in particular.

check courts for probate, civil and criminal cases, marriage records.

this book is a good read about the dawes roll and how they implemented it.
The Dawes Commission and the allotment of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1893-1914
By Kent Carter

if your relatives came from a different geographic location or belonged to a different tribe, try searching google for the state and tribes. you might find a contact for a state-recognized tribe or a federal recognized tribe.

i have collected many resources over the years. if you want to write to me, and request the choctaw resource list, i will be glad to send it to you.

i am just a volunteer that wants to empower people to learn how to do genealogy.

suzanne hamlet shatto

kathleen phillip-rodriguez kathleen phillip-rodriguez

posted on December 1, 2011

Hello again! Since starting my search for knowledge on my roots, my Grandfather Phillip pasted away. A family member pasted along some paperwork to my Mother about my Fathers side of the family. I was wondering if anyone could help me look thru it and point me in the right direction. Thank you very much!!

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on December 2, 2011

you should probably call a local genealogy society because they can sit down and help you figure things out.

often, you can start by contacting the state genealogical society and they can tell you the nearest one. you can request from the local society and see if they have someone available that has some experience with native genealogy, but this is probably not necessary.

sorry for your loss.

gl on your journey through genealogy.

suzanne hamlet shatto

kathleen phillip-rodriguez kathleen phillip-rodriguez

posted on January 30, 2012

i have found 7 family members on the final rolls, what do i do next once i have all of their info? please help!!

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on January 30, 2012

names are common.
you didn’t give any information about any of the seven. no dates, no location, no children, no spouse. so this will be general information.
get your CDIB card first, then apply for enrollment to the tribe.
you fill out this form.
the oldest generation would be the person on the dawes roll. you must be directly related to an original enrollee.

i do not know if you are interpreting the information correctly.

first find the family:
card# is the family group. click on the # in the card column to see the family group. you can put a partial name in this search.

if enrolled, you can get the enrollment #’s of the original enrollees here:
sometimes birth records are in the dawes packet. you can get this from NARA fort worth office, oklahoma historical society or possibly online at fold3 is a subscription website but 1 month subscription is often cheaper than a dawes packet.
the accessgenealogy website will tell you if the packet is online at fold3.

note that if your aunt was on the dawes roll 1896-1906 and accepted for enrollment but your parents were not, you are not eligible for enrollment. the dawes roll shows applicants to the five major tribes in oklahoma. all applicants were not accepted for tribal membership, but the dawes packet might be useful to you for your family’s genealogy. there are 63 tribes in oklahoma. however, if an ancestor did not enroll the children can still enroll, if they are directly related through that ancestor.
this tells you how to do basic genealogical research.

the census 1900-1930 is online at heritagequest and your local public library probably has subscriptions to these websites. the 1940 census will be released on ancestry around march 1. census records can help with locations, family members, birth year and location, land ownership, occupation.

if you get stuck on a family member who is deceased, you can file a SS-5 application with social security and get a copy of the social security application. this will show parents, dates, location so you can gather documents.

CDIB & Tribal Membership Program

Shannon McDaniel, Executive Director
(580) 924-8280
Amanda Herndon, CDIB Director
Melissa Jones, Tribal Membership Director

If you do not have a printer and need the applications mailed to you please let us know by emailing or by calling (800) 522-6170.

hope this helps.