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Looking for Amanda May Adair's Mother

Nicol Sigerson Nicol Sigerson

posted on September 17, 2010 and updated on September 17, 2010

My great-great-grandmother, Amanda May Adair, was born 30 March,1864,in Madison, Alabama, and died on July 22,1924,in Leon,Love County, Oklahoma. She married William Jasper Denham (1855-1922) in 1881. They and their children moved to Forestburg, Texas about 1891, when my great-grandmother Minnie (Amanda’s daughter) was 8 years old. We think that Amanda’s father’s name was either John S. or James (bad handwriting) Adair. We know nothing about Amanda’s mother, except that she is supposed to be a Choctaw who was born in Alabama.
Minnie married Harry Robeson and gave birth to my maternal grandfather, Edgar Albert Robeson, who was the father of my Mom, Lois Rene Robeson. I don’t know if that extra info. will help or not.

Any help finding our great-gread-great-grandmother will be very much appreciated.
Thanks, Nicol

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on September 17, 2010

great information. she didn’t go on the trail of tears in the late 1830’s, so she might have been mississippi choctaw or MOWA. there was an eastern cherokee reservation around there too, i think.

john s. or james adair m. ? choctaw? b. AL
amanda may adair b. 3/30/1864 AL d. 7/22/1924 OK
m. william jasper denham b. 1855 d. 1922
minnie denham b.~1883 place unknown
m. harry robeson>edgar albert robeson

it is wise to collect documents one generation at a time. genealogists use names, dates, locations, children and spouse to match records.

i see what your problem is. john is listed on ancestry worldconnect records and there is only one amanda adair b. AL in the 1870 census. well, names can be misspelled, dates can be different, locations can be different. so we reached back in time and came up with a conflict. so i guess we should start at the nearest time to us, harry robeson m. minnie adair>edgar albert robeson
once we get documents, we can go back in time. unfortunately, you don’t give any information on minnie, harry or edgar other than their names.

California Death Index, 1940-1997
about Edgar Albert Robeson
Name: Edgar Albert Robeson
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 26 Jul 1902
Birthplace: Texas
Death Date: 7 Jan 1981
Death Place: Santa Clara
Mother’s Maiden Name: Denham
while a death certificate is not primary evidence of birth, it helps use figure out about where and when he was born. so a copy of the death certificate would help you. since he was born after 1900 in texas, his family probably didn’t apply for enrollment in the oklahoma choctaw tribe. but if we find a location in texas, maybe his family belonged to a texas tribe whether federally recognized or state recognized. he also didn’t register for the world war 1 draft, so that help isn’t there. but his father might have done that.
and, although he wouldn’t have been on the texas birth index starting in 1903, he might have a birth certificate or might have filed a delayed birth certificate to prove age when social security came into effect 1/1/1937. so you should ask for both a birth certificate or a delayed birth certificate for edgar albert robeson.
his obituary would be helpful too. you can look for a local newspaper serving santa clara, CA around 1981 and see if the obit is there. you can use your local public library interlibrary loan program for that.

the other document that is important is his marriage license.

Household Members:
Name Age
Harry Robeson 46
Mernie D Robeson 47
James C Robeson 27
Fannie M Robeson 22
Otis R Robeson 6
Lola M Robeson 3
Opil F Robeson 9/12
George Denham 78
Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Burney, Love, Oklahoma; Roll 1906; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 365.0.
edgar is in the household next door.
edgar was married at 20 years old, is 27 at the time of the census. b. TX, is a farmer that rents a farm. his father was b. AL,, mother b. TX
he is married to ruby l.,, age 25 b. OK. daughter lois b. OK, age 5.

harry is age 46 TX, rents the farm, father b. TN, mother b. MO, married at age 19.
minnie is age 47 AL, father b. TN, mother b. AL
james, age 27, b. TX but the rest of the children b. OK
george denham, age 78, b. TN, parents b. TN. he might be minnie’s father or uncle? i reported the form unreadable, but you might be able to get a better copy on heritage quest. see your local library for a subscription to that database. most libraries subscribe and let people have home access. it usually takes a few months to refilm the census page or darken it.

i see some of the names might need correction so that others can find your family.

maybe he was married twice?
Household Members:
Name Age
Edgar L Roberson 20
Mary L Roberson 17
Edwin B Roberson 0
Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Washington, Love, Oklahoma; Roll T625_1467; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 133; Image: 1137.

i don’t see harry or minnie. sometimes pepole used middle names or nicknames. this is the family near edgar in 1920:
Household Members:
Name Age
John B Roberson 48
Effie Roberson 50
Martha Roberson 21
Albert H Roberson 18
Georgia L Roberson 13
Martha Bailey 80

that’s a mystery. searching for fannie, even being generous on spelling, is not turning anything up. you will have to work with the various spellings.

you should probably try contacting people who posted family trees on your family, to see their documents. always collect your own documents, but they might be able to tell you where they were located.
your library probably has a subscription to
if this was my family, i would get the obituary, contact the people who left family trees

i would get his marriage certificate and his death certificate and his birth certificate. if you need help, get a copy of his social security application. anyone who passed away after 1/1/1937 has an application on file.

Social Security Death Index
about Edgar Robeson
Name: Edgar Robeson
SSN: 448-01-8437
Last Residence: 95046 San Martin, Santa Clara, California, United States of America
Born: 26 Jul 1902
Last Benefit: 95046 San Martin, Santa Clara, California, United States of America
Died: Jan 1981
State (Year) SSN issued: Oklahoma (Before 1951)

genealogists use names, dates, locations, children and spouses to match records. if you have a common surname, you need to give more information rather than less. if you post about women, it is helpful to include the maiden name and the married name and designate which one is the maiden name.

first of all, heritage and tribal enrollment are two different things. many times natives didn’t apply for enrollment because 1) they didn’t qualify, 2) they were philosophically opposed to enrollment, 3) they didn’t have documentation, or 4) they were mississippi choctaw and their ancestor had accepted land or benefits in lieu of tribal enrollment.

the dawes roll was taken 1896-1906, so you should trace your ancestors down to that time period. mostly, they had to be living in oklahoma by that time and agree to live there permanently.

2 ways to search:
this will give you card# (family group) and enrollment #. they have some native marriage records too. other oklahoma records listed at left.
this will let you enter partial names to get card#. click on the card# in the card column and you can see other names in that family.
other resources on the left and at the bottom of this webpage. native census records and databases are especially useful.
this will give you card# (family group) and enrollment #. they have some native marriage records too. other oklahoma records listed at left.

if the name is common, you may find too many possible records.

the tribe has an excellent information to help you. it is found under genealogy advocacy.

mississippi choctaw and choctaw tribe explained here:

i have collected many resources over the years. if you want to write to me, and request the choctaw resource list, i will be glad to send it to you.

i am just a volunteer that wants to empower people to learn how to do genealogy.

suzanne hamlet shatto