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Denied Dawes roll number

Debra Miller Debra Miller

posted on January 23, 2013

My ancestors were denied a roll number. I have a copy of the application and the denial letter. I laso have a copy of the family lineage. They were from Mississippi, but were living in Choctaw County, OK in 1903 when they applied. After reseraching, I feel that their denial was based on the fact that they were from Mississippi and the Oklahoma Choctaw Indians looked down on them. Is there anything I can do?

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on January 23, 2013

the tribal rolls, as far as original enrollees, are now closed.

do you know if they were part of a lawsuit against to the to enroll? they might have been enrolled after the rolls closed.

every tribe had requirements for membership in the tribe.
this is a history of the dawes process. it is somewhat biased, however it presents the dates and events. you can draw your own conclusions.

i disagree with that article that the government had not given choctaw scrip land in MS. i can see a database on called “mississippi land records” and “alabama land records” that contain some properties called choctaw scrip. however i have heard that some, maybe many, had difficulties with title and passing title to others.

that writing does show that there were varying standards at different times and that the choctaw tribe of oklahoma had to make difficult choices at different times. and there are citations to support the facts.

if your ancestors did not go on the trail of tears in the late 1830’s, as required by the government, and stayed in MS, then they were called mississippi choctaw. those that continued to live in MS were invoking section 14 of the treaty of dancing rabbit creek.

i am sorry that this is not the answer that you wanted to hear.

i am just a volunteer that wants to empower people to learn how to do genealogy.

suzanne hamlet shatto