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process of spellcraft and shamanism, that can help connect to ones true ancestors, fully accurate, no scientists

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 5, 2012 and updated on November 5, 2012

i had a bisexual awakening again and then i started being interested in telekinesis and nonobtrusive telepathy
because thats what i also seemed to be experiencing
i felt the symbols and rituals, sigils of magic had reached a fullness until they seemed only limited and now fell away having blossomed and matured, they left no trace and merely awakened these inner magical abilities, i was no longer at the initial stage which one associates with a traditional witch, but past that ‘gate’ now i looked forward to dancing with the new abilities, not to hurt, they seemed to dissolve opposites, most notably in gender, literally ending gender, and restoring the faery spirit to people, which comes from a less dual perspective, it will make us more like the elves the fae, that is what we lost when we stopped questioning and were forced to accept changed doctrines as the outward expression of faith, but those were no longer moral or true or fully followable, it tried to change something in us
but now it is restored, as we understand how we can sacred dance again with the sacred and return to what our spirit guides us to
the abilities seemed to protect from situations of conflict, beyond the ego world i saw the beauty andw isdom of the nameless one forever,

the abilities could on really be used for humor and love as in healing and to free the spirit to more and more ultimate oneness and the meaning of life
i saw how i could return o the world in any form and still maintain my ways of no karma, i could take any skin the key was to fill it with love,
i knew i was wanti, i found my true people, i liked the magic, the poetry, life became instead of all so serious, and still i did healings,

i understood what i had to do, i had to teach people this process of spellcraft and shamanism, that can help connect to ones true ancestors and see through any of the lies which may have been formed by corporations or people trying to create a certain image as is bond to happen if you just look through books and not in spirit, the only way to find true family is to look in spirit, this over doing of genealogy lately actually keeps us from the true realization of self identity at the full level, we are not scientific dna beings, we are spirit beings, and the return of the spirit to its true place of recognition and respect is key to the health of this entire world, and every spirituality, and also the return of the gnostic experience, itself of adding to the traditions breaking through and speaking our own mind from what the Divine Spirit shows to us, like wanti, that is real, and every time I looked in the torah and saw things for slavery and for fighting others I knew it was wrong, that was not the true original form. So I had to make a different form, and it happened for so many and we are the branches which come out of that and we come together on a tree of peace, of truth that you can only find from looking in your heart, but can we not give the gift to the world of not offering them first poison with so little explanation? My heart tells me it is right at least to try. and that this is the true spirituality, not just the same techniques over and over, but true growth. no gurus, but groups of conscious independent beings working together, like in jazz to create tapestries of life.

i felt so connected, i returned to my tribal roots, and i saw my family as they truly were, we were a rainbow, both black and white, and also many other forms, we are fairy, we are hebrew, and choctaw and chickasaw, dogon, and many places in africa, irish german, japanese indonesian scottish and flemish, we are supporters of liberation of all beings, we are magical people, and we are mostly in a realm that is not as physical as this one, in the plant world, but there are some of us who are here, and our auras tell the story… the porcupine is sacred to my people as are oak trees… we are very spiritual, originally we come from wanti,

i dont really know that much about wanti, its not really a place you can speak that much of… just because of the nature of language, but it has to do with the tree on which all the planets and galaxies are connected…

moreso than that we are a people of the mushroom, and its different than most genealogical histories that make it seem so dead, but this is different its always alive, its magical, we are moreso a tribe than a family, and as such it is different its just not like… idunno its a living process and its not so formal but there is some very organic general structure to it for energetic purposes… but moreso the dieties are closer to everything and make sure that what must happen happens.
and they are the folklores of all around the world, and the ones which come to us specifically as our friendly spirits….

and they are metaphorical expressions of the anarchy of the one spirit, but really it is all one, so it doesnt matter
concepts of family are always dissolving and restarting but generally it usually have a certain general form, but ultimately its not rigid, and ultimately it excludes nothing, it is boundless, but just in terms of something that is truly me and does have history and coherence kind of, that i can say, this is my heritage, because spirits have been for so long kind of just saying i should have one, and i think its kind of good feng shui so thats fine, even though i am the spirit of all beings, but so it has like a way it can be rendered, then i would say i am choctaw chickasaw, wanti, and all of the rest is within that…. and thats like where my spirit falls, and where i am, and its from a source i trust, a magical source, its real, and it showed me the process of magic too, while it was happening, of that star magic we always see
and it promised me people cant really be programmed but we all go through cycles with everything, but now sigils were destroyed which means for a time of clearer thinking, deeper being, and more appreciation of everything simply as it it, more good in the world

its really a magical dance, of a magical being, all o the details, maybe they are just vanity, but they need to have a form kind of so a world can be alive in ones spirit a world with a feeling and an art and stuff and so that world can grow and become better

its like a total change in age, like the age of having to set up something every time you rest , to make a star and say a little rhyme and raise energy in a specific way and have it all just so, and then the age of just going and going and going, and never really setting anything up, if it breaks the flow of your movement, so its a lot more natural and more in the moment, its zen and nature friendly

so i understand why it ended here… i understand whats being said even if its not explicit because words are sometimes hard to comeby but some kind of communication is happening, and we are together, and yeah… its just good, its a win for taoism, without it being so huge extreme, and also for anarchist without it being like blow up people and stuff but just have freedom and be lucid and nice, yea

oh yeah, so whats the process, basically learn about magic…. and make some pentagrams, and be in nature a lot and meditate on it a lot and do what comes naturally and it takes a bit but you will know when its complete and youll see a lot of magical things that you know are magic and you will encounter your true people in their true form

Aisha Deersound Linole Aisha Deersound Linole

posted on November 5, 2012