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Dewey Carl Dickinsom Dewey Carl Dickinsom

posted on August 31, 2010

Please correct the spelling of my last name it is DICKINSON- NOT-DICKINSOM CAN THIS BE DONE SINCE I JUST STARTED THE ACCOUNT

Dewey Carl Dickinsom Dewey Carl Dickinsom

posted on August 31, 2010

I may have found one or both of my Aunts on an Chicksaw Nation Dawes Roll then again maybe I didn’t.Any way her name is Lillie Dickerson -wife,of L.D.Dickerson, son-Cecil, son-Leo Earl, son-Robert. R.Dickerson’s. Approved by the Secretary of Interior on DEC 12 1902 Pontaloc,county Post Office Stonewall Ind. Ter.Admitted by Dawes Commission in 1896 Chickasaw case # 39, no appeal number of enrollies 5 on May 29, 1901. See addiional testimony of No 1 Taken Oct 20 1902 Also Mary Dickerson Listed as a non citizen Also Kinsey J. Dickerson listed as dead but non citizen. This was an Application for citizenship this is all I can see on the Paper in front of me I don’t know what else to look for maybe you do!

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on September 1, 2010

you will want to get a copy of the enrollment application and census card of anyone who is related to you that is on the dawes roll. sometimes the tribe will give it to you. oklahoma historical society and the archives fort worth office are also good sources.

this is that family group,, and it appears to have some of the names that you say:
Dawes Card Information

tribe last first middle age sex blood card roll misc type
Chickasaw Byrd B F 0 M 146 P
Chickasaw Byrd B F 0 M 146 P
Chickasaw Byrd Molsey E 0 F 146 P
Chickasaw Byrd Molsey E 0 F 146 P
Chickasaw Dickerson Jinsey J 0 M 146 P
Chickasaw Dickerson Kinsey J 0 M 146 P
Chickasaw Dickerson Mary A 0 F 146 P
Chickasaw Dickerson Mary A 0 F 146 P
Chickasaw Dickerson Leo Earl 1 M 1/8 146 465 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson Leo Earl 1 M 1/8 146 465 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson Robert R 1 M 1/8 146 466 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson Robert R 1 M 1/8 146 466 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson Cecil R 3 M 1/8 146 4019 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson Cecil R 3 M 1/8 146 4019 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson Lillie 23 F 1/4 146 464 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson Lillie 23 F 1/4 146 464 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson L D 31 M IW 146 IW249 BB
Chickasaw Dickerson L D 31 M IW 146 IW249 BB
bb=by blood
iw=intermarried white, a general nontribal description
p=parent also has a copy of this packet online. they are a subscription based service.

testimony of the case would be good.

they are here on the census records:
Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Township 1, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory; Roll T623_1847; Enumeration District: 121.

she was born aug. 1874 indian territory and her parents were born in indian territory.
lorenzo was b. jan. 1874 IL, father b. DE, mother b. IL
lorenzo was a deputy us marshal.
lillian was 1/2 chickasaw from both sides of her family.
her children were 1/4 chickasaw.
they were married 5 years and own their own house.

Lorenzo Dickerson – U.S. Deputy Marshal commissioned in the Southern District Court of Indian Territory at Paris, Texas in 1889.

Lorenzo D. Dickerson was a Deputy U.S. Marshal with the Eastern District of Texas from 1889-1893. His older brother was the Marshal. Then in 1893-1896 Ran was a U.S. Commissioner at Stonewall, I.T. He married a Chickasaw girl, began a large ranch and served as a member of the Chickasaw Legislature before statehood. Ran Dickerson was also elected Mayor of Purcell in 1905.

he is listed in this book
“A history of the state of Oklahoma”
Lorenzo D. Dickerson. One of the best
known officers of the federal law in Indian
Territory was Lorenzo D. Dickerson, who
at this writing (November, 1907) is deputy
United States marshal with headquarters at
Purcell. He has been identified with this
section of the old Chickasaw Nation for a
number of years. He first entered the serv-
ice of the federal department of justice in
1889 as deputy to his brother, J. J. Dicker-
son, who was then United States marshal
for the eastern district of Texas, with head-
quarters at Paris. At that time the Texas
eastern district had jurisdiction over a large
portion of Indian Territory and old Okla-
homa, including the strip originally known
as No Man’s Land. From this latter place,
then the haunt and prize refuge for escaped
criminals, the Dickerson brothers captured
and brought to justice the participants in
the noted Haystack murder case, which was
one of the notable events in the early crim-
inal history of the territory. After serving
for a time as field deputy, Mr. Dickerson be
came office deputy under his brother at
Paris, and in 1893 was appointed United
States commissioner at Stonewall, in the
Chickasaw Nation, a position he held until
1896. In 1898, having been appointed field
deputy United States marshal under Cap-
tain Hammer, he served for two years with
headquarters at Ardmore, and for the fol-
lowing two years lived on his ranch in the
Chickasaw Nation. His present position as
deputy marshal at Purcell came in 1902 with
his appointment under B. II. Colbert, ami
serving under the latter’s successor, G. A.

Between the years 1902 and 1906, Mr.
Dickerson had the unique distinction of
holding simultaneously three different re-
sponsible public positions under separate
branches of the government — deputy United
States marshal in the federal service, repre-
sentative in the Chickasaw Indian council
of the Chickasaw Nation at Tishomingo un-
der the Indian department, and mayor of
Purcell under the local municipal govern-
ment. Mr. Dickerson has been identified
with public service almost continuously
since he became of age. He was born in
Massac count}-, Illinois, in 1867, in 1877
moved with his parents to Fort Bend coun-
ty, in southern Texas, and soon after reach-
ing majority took office under his brother.

X. X$:X%c/ri,



He has prospered in material affairs, and is
owner of a fine ranch twelve miles below
Purcell, in what is now the county of Mc-
Clain. Mr. Dickerson, by his marriage, in
1894, to Miss Lillie Byrd, became connected
with some of the most prominent names of
the Chickasaw Nation. Mrs. Dickerson is
a niece of Ex-Governor William L. Byrd of
this nation, and is also related to the Col-
bert and Love families, so prominent in the
Chickasaw Nation. The five children of
their marriage are Cecil R., Leo E., Robert
Roy, Fleda and Thelnia.

Dickerson, Lorenzo D., 84. and 85

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Purcell Ward 1, McClain, Oklahoma; Roll T624_1261; Page: 30A; Enumeration District: 187; Image: 515.

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Hopping, McClain, Oklahoma; Roll T625_1470; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 78; Image: 325.

genealogists use names, dates, locations, children and spouses to match records. if you have a common surname, you need to give more information rather than less. if you post about women, it is helpful to include the maiden name and the married name and designate which one is the maiden name.

first of all, heritage and tribal enrollment are two different things. many times natives didn’t apply for enrollment because 1) they didn’t qualify, 2) they were philosophically opposed to enrollment, 3) they didn’t have documentation, or 4) they were mississippi choctaw and their ancestor had accepted land or benefits in lieu of tribal enrollment.

the dawes roll was taken 1896-1906, so you should trace your ancestors down to that time period. mostly, they had to be living in oklahoma by that time and agree to live there permanently.

2 ways to search:
this will give you card# (family group) and enrollment #. they have some native marriage records too. other oklahoma records listed at left.
this will let you enter partial names to get card#
other resources on the left and at the bottom of this webpage. native census records and databases are especially useful.

if the name is common, you may find too many possible records.

the tribe has an excellent information to help you. it is found under genealogy advocacy.

mississippi choctaw and choctaw tribe explained here:

i have collected many resources over the years. if you want to write to me, and request the choctaw resource list, i will be glad to send it to you.

i am just a volunteer that wants to empower people to learn how to do genealogy.

suzanne hamlet shatto