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Looking for "Virginia" from Brownsville area c. 1971

Jennifer Guzman Jennifer Guzman

posted on September 13, 2012

My father-in-law was born to a Choctaw woman in August of 1971. She had left her husband when she was pregnant but then died in childbirth. He was given to a family in Mexico as an infant who raised him. The only information he has about his birth was that his mother’s name was Virginia, she and his father were both Choctaw and he was born at a ranch near Brownsville, TX.

I have searched so many online databases with so many different parameters from missing persons to death records and have found nothing. He would really like to know more about his mom, who his father was and if he is still alive. If anyone has any information or any leads of any kind, I will happily follow up on them.