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Financial Aid

Matthew Matthew

posted on March 26, 2012

Dear Choctaw Nation,

I know the Choctaw Nation does a lot for its tribal members such as scholarships and the STAR Program to help support people financially. But I would like to ask that with all the nation does why doesn’t it provide its thousands of members with individual financial aid. I know it seems like a lot but even just a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars could help everyone through these troubling times. The nation is to have reportedly brought in $822,280,105 in 2010. Why not set aside a few million dollars to give back to people and maybe distribute it by degree of blood. I know I ask a lot but i’m watching as some people get ready for college and try to support families that could benefit from any amount of money given. Lots of local Indian tribes distribute most of there profits and there tribal members benefit greatly and give there kids the best opportunity they can. Some give $3,000 dollars a month and I feel since I can’t just pack up my family and move to Oklahoma and even if I did I would be missing out on such financial aid that could be provided by the Nation that isn’t. To any that have read this far Thank You :). Please consider or let us take a vote to decide. Lets all try to make it through these Tough Times!

Thank You

suzanne hamlet shatto suzanne hamlet shatto

posted on March 26, 2012

i don’t think the tribe reads the messageboard. you might look at the directory and contact someone.

about financial aid: see your financial aid department for the college you plan to attend, for the college you plan to graduate from. (that could be more than one college.) there are several different sources.

your local public library probably has a copy of this:
Peterson’s Complete Gd Financial Aid 1e (Peterson’s Complete Guide to Financial Aid: A Comprehensive Guide to Scholarships, Grants, Prizes,) [Paperback]
i see that amazon has a used paperback for $1.84 plus shipping.

every prospective student should fill out the FAFSA. this gives you an index # which the college can use to determine financial aid eligibility.
many questions can be answered here:

other resources:

it is great that you are wanting to improve yourself and set an example for your children. i hope you do well in school and accomplish your goals.

suzanne hamlet shatto