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Choctaw donation to Irish famine victims

Alan Thorpe Alan Thorpe

posted on February 14, 2012

Hi there,

I have just very recently learned about an event from back in 1847, which truly amazed me. The Choctaw people donated seven hundred dollars to aid starving famine victims in Ireland. This was such a hugely selfless,generous and kind act, especially considering the plight of the Choctaw people at the time and the extreme hardships that they had to endure.

I am Irish and have lived in Ireland all of my life. There are still remiders of the famine all over the country: abandoned villages, mass graves, Famine workhouses and even effects from the Famine on our present day health.(Cystic Fibrosis occurance is the highest per capita in the world in Ireland). On the street where I live there is a building used as a Soup Kitchen and an Almshouse next to it which were used during the Famine.

I am in awe of how kind and compassionate this donation was, especially considering the hardships of the Choctaw people at the time. Another amazing thing that occurred to me was that even though we were separated by thousands of miles, over the Atlantic Ocean, the Choctaw people still put the welfare of others before their own, On the other hand,some of our closest neighbouring countries failed to help the starving Irish population.

I am glad that our Country officially recognised the contribution the Choctaw Nation made to the welfare of the Irish in 1847, when our President visited with the Choctaw People and thanked them in person.

I will never forget the generosity of the Choctaw Nation and i will remind everyone I know of the history between our two nations.

Your Sincerely,
Alan Thorpe
Co. Meath,

George R Green George R Green

posted on February 20, 2012

Thanks for those kind words. My husband, George, is choctaw & we are from southeastern Okla. We are now living in the state of Maryland. We will be arriving in Dublin, late August of this year (2012), and hope to travel around. My g.grandmother’s folks came from Cork. My husband’s g.g.grandfather came from Ireland and married into the Choctaw tribe possibly in the 1850’s from what we can tell. We are still trying to find out where in Ireland he came from. His name was Leuis Green.
Looking forward to our trip, attending the Navy/Notre Dame game in Dublin, golfing and ancestry and sigh-seeing the countryside. I hear it is lovely and the people too.